Best Details for the Perfect Home Cleaning

Do you work and can you clean your home only once a week? Do you wonder how it is possible to organize home cleaning in a simple and effective way without losing too much time? The way to organize household chores (and do them) quickly is there. But you will need to adopt a new system. From SGHomeNeeds you can have the best deal.

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Find out how to clean your home effectively in just 3 hours to dedicate the rest of the day to your family and your interests.

We advise you to take the smartphone and set the timer to check the time.

Put each room in order

The best way to clean the house quickly is to tidy up all the rooms. A tidy house looks immediately cleaner. If you free the spaces you will move more easily and you will be more effective.

Take a basin and put in everything that is messy and out of place. It will help you make room to clean well without scattering objects on either side.

To simplify this procedure it is advisable to take a basin per room (one for the bathroom, one for the kitchen, one for the rooms). When it is time to put back in place you will already have everything divided.

Allow a maximum of 15 minutes for this activity.

Spray the detergent onto the bathroom fixtures

Use a bathroom cleaner or, if you prefer, prepare a do-it-yourself solution. In one spray put warm water, half a glass of white vinegar, a few drops of transparent soap for the dishes and 5 drops of essential oil. Choose the one you like best.

Spray abundantly on water, bidet, shower and sink. Leave it on before opening the windows throughout the house.

It will take 5 minutes to prepare the solution and spray.

Open the windows

Open the windows in every room and let in light and fresh air . It would be good to open them every morning, but even more so when cleaning. Air and sun serve to reduce the dust in the rooms and to fight the mites. Keep the windows open for at least ten minutes.

If you have the valves installed on your radiators, we advise you to turn them off when the windows are open to save energy. If they are in action while changing the air, they will consume much more.We count 5 minutes.

Clean the bathroom

Start from the top. First, remove the dust from the cabinets that contain the products you like so much, then clean the mirror. Use a suitable detergent, rub and then pass a microfibre cloth or a newspaper to leave no marks. Apply the same procedure to the shower glass.

Clean the toilet bowl with a damp cloth. You let the detergent work for several minutes, so you will have very little effort. Also rinse the bidet, the sink and the shower. Be careful not to use the same cloth with which you cleaned the toilet. At this point, take the bathroom objects from the basin and rearrange them. Finally pass the broom or a thermostatic cloth on the floor. Empty the trash.For the bathroom set the timer to 25 minutes.