Essential Options for the Smartest Options in Air Conditioning Wash

Although cleaning air-conditioning seems simple, it actually requires not only specialized measures and the right equipment, but also considerable knowledge. We distinguish many methods of air conditioning purification. Unfortunately, most of them are ineffective. Bacteria, mold, fungi – the majority of known methods only cover up unpleasant odors, completely forgetting what is most important: the elimination of allergens. What distinguishes our company from the competition is the high efficiency in the comprehensive cleaning of air conditioning. We operate on the basis of the most modern, highly trusted customers method – cleaning the air conditioning evaporator under the pressure of 8 bars. For LK Brothers aircon chemical overhaul option this is the best bit.

No more recurrent allergies and allergies. No more with shortness of breath and cough. No more recurrent diseases. Our air conditioning cleaning services are friendly for adults, children, allergies, seniors, sick people and animals. We specialize in:

  • cleaning car air conditioning, pressure cleaning, 8 bars with guarantee
  • cleaning of SPLIT home and office air conditioning

In addition, during the cleaning we perform a replacement cabin filter service. A comprehensive cleaning of the air conditioning is necessary if we care for the health and life of our loved ones and employees. Our company is not only cleaning office and home air conditioning, but also cleaning car air conditioning. We operate quickly, efficiently and most importantly effectively. We are not scary any mushrooms, bacteria and mold.

At work, we use high-quality detergents – fully safe for the health and life of adults, children and animals

The task of the air-conditioning system is to provide users with comfort in the broadest sense of the word. Proper care for efficient operation of the system will ensure failure-free operation, high efficiency and safety of household members staying in an air-conditioned room. How to care for air conditioning? How to perform periodic inspection of the installation? All information can be found in the article below.


Air conditioning is the process of air exchange in the room, aimed at maintaining the desired temperature and humidity in the room. Therefore, air-conditioning devices, like many other machines or modern comfort installations in the event of damage or malfunction, may pose a threat to household members in the face of bacteria and any pollution.

The use of cleaning agents

When maintaining the air conditioner, remember to use appropriate cleaning agents adapted to the type of device. Fresh dirt located at the inlet and outlet of the air can be cleaned with a soft, dry fabric. Do not use any solvents, polishes, sharp powders or volatile substances – due to constant contact with air, these substances may enter the airways of the household members or as a consequence damage the equipment (in the case of volatile substances).

Cleaning filters

Comprehensive maintenance should be subject to heat exchangers through which air flows along with dust, dust and any microorganisms. The element which the air first encounters is an air – conditioning filter – it is a critical element of air-conditioning systems that ensures separation of dust and pollen from an air-conditioned room. As a rule, it is a reusable electrostatic filter, it should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or water with a temperature below 50oC, stronger dirt should be washed with a mild cleaner with a neutral pH, it is also recommended to rinse the filter with a germicide. The dirt on the filters is reflected in the reduced airflow, which in turn leads to a decrease in the air conditioner’s efficiency.