Glass Shower Doors – Old Vs New, How Has Time Made Them Perfect?

Without a doubt, glass has been a material in our homes and interiors for a very long time. Where glass in the past has been rather one-dimensional, today, you have much more options available. Glass features have multiplied over time for the better.

When you compare old vs new glass types and features, surely you can now find much more on offer. Modern manufacturing processes have evolved greatly especially over the past century or so. Here are some interesting facts you should know:

Old Glass Shower Doors – Features

Glass was used as shower doors in the distant past as well. Even thought this application was somewhat limited, today, you have these almost in every modern bathroom. Limitations in applications in the past were majorly due to some missing features that got improved with time. Some important ones are:

Clarity Was Acceptable

Even the older types of glass sheets have a very acceptable clarity about them. Since the older times of manufacturing, treatment of the materials was done in a way that resulting glass shower doors had been clear enough.

For this reason, glass panels and sheets had been used everywhere in homes and buildings of all types. Where there were compromises in other features, glass clarity was not one of them since a long time. No matter how thick and large your glass sheets were, they had been typically clear at all times.

Strength – Not So Much

One of the greatest weaknesses old glass types had was strength and durability. These older glass sheets and panels used for shower doors lacked long lasting abilities. Due to their low strength and impact resistance, these were seen as injury hazards as well.

Quite simply, before the advent of Tempered Glass and Laminated Glass types, it hasn’t been strong enough for use. Bathrooms were kept without them majorly because people didn’t trust it much. Simply, homeowners avoided these older glass types in their bathrooms for their risks involved.

Cheap Prices Make a Difference

One good thing about older types of glass for all kinds of requirement is their lower price points. Simple clear sheets are now available at very affordable prices indeed. You can get panels and sheets in custom cut designs with quite attractive bundle purchase offers too.

However, that begs the question for homeowners that if it can last, why use it in the first place. Using these, you’d have to replace them every so often. Spending that bit extra would make better sense. Their long-lasting nature with all the hassle you’d has to put in for replacement, made them no wanted.

Modern Advanced Glass Shower Doors – Features

Modern types of glass including tempered and laminated sheets are not exactly new anymore too. Yet, with these, you have much boosted features that have made them much loved. Here are some of the most significant ones:

Variety in Designs – Aesthetic Beauty

Modern Glass Shower Doors are much more diverse than their older counterparts. Variety in designs is so much wider that any homeowner can find exactly what they are looking for. You now have modern options including:

  • Frosted glass with majestic designs
  • Artistic glass offering inside art designs of all kinds
  • Rained glass shower doors offering a unique look and feel
  • Laminated clear glass offering durability like no other
  • Privacy glass offering a much modern take on shower doors
  • Many other types offering best designs and features

Strength and Durability

Laminated glass first got introduced back in the last century. Perfections in its manufacturing ever since have made it come a long way from its distant past. Also, tempered glass sheets are greatly durable while being very thin as well.

Internal thermal tempering for these tempered type makes them last a really long time. These two techniques, tempering and laminating are now brought in for fancy finished glass sheets as well. There is almost no chance of injury or any other risk as well. This is why glass shower doors have become much more popular than ever before today.

Colors and Appearance – Get All You Want

Similarly, color choices in modern glass types are limitless as well. Tinted glass is available in all colors. You can also get those mosaic designs that have multicolored smaller pieces inside them. All these tinting processes are performed at the core during their manufacture. This makes all color tints look and feel organic and from within the glass sheets.

Quite simply, you can get any color tints for your glass shower doors. This modern choice in colors has made your shower doors and enclosures much more aesthetically pleasing as well. You now don’t have to settle for simple while and clear glass types. Any color choices are available at similar price points.

Which Should You Choose?

If you are on a tight budget, simple old glass types should be the ones you should be looking at. For shower doors, there is also the option for Plexiglass sheets that are made from thick high-quality and clear plastics. Spending that bit extra will lead you to get durable glass types that will look great as well.

It will always be a personal preference thing but newer types of it have more to offer than older ones. Choose carefully and you might not have to look for a replacement any time soon.