Why is Plumbing the right profession?

Can you imagine a house without a central heating and broken bath or leaking pipe? House plumbing and heating is crucial. No matter how careful we are, we will at some point need a plumbing engineer.

The plumber is a very high demand job in the UK, and it always has been a successful trade. The plumber does work hard, and they are well paid. Even a small job starts from £50, and a boiler installation job may cost anywhere between £1000-£2000.

More and more youngster has been attracted to a plumbing career. Since you can work if you have the right tool, licence and insurance. Typically, plumber earns anywhere between £3000 to £10000+ a month before tax.

Now let’s talk about what is the best route to becoming a plumber.

There are a few different routes you can take to become a plumber. You can choose to join an Apprenticeships programme or join the plumbing college and gain the plumbing qualifications. There is also fast track plumbing courses or part-time courses which you can complete while doing your current work.

These are the most common and useful routes to becoming a plumber and apply to anyone interested in plumbing as a career.

Join the Apprenticeships Programme


Apprenticeships programme is a government-run programme and very popular. Even though it is popular, but it is hard to find the place because of the competition. Apprenticeship programme last for 2-4 years. You will have both classroom-based training, as well the on the field knowledge teaching you the real-life plumbing problems.

You will get to learn from the fellow plumbers. Learn – earn – gain the relevant qualification.


You won’t be paid or paid just fundamental wages while on the training. Hence you will need some savings or help from your family until you complete the training.

Get Professional qualifications.


This the best option if you want to become a plumber quickly. You can join the professional training and get qualified within 8-12 weeks. You can choose an NVQ or Diploma in Plumbing. If you want to do the heating job or advance plumbing job you need to take further training.

All training is a mixture of classroom-based and practical training.

With the proper professional qualification, you are not entitled to carry out any plumbing jobs, not even in your house. Why wait, join one of the training and start your new career.


There are not negative going this route. You must choose the right training you need carefully.

Join Fast Track or part-time plumbing courses


If you want to become a plumber quickly, Fast Track Courses are best for you. Look for the NVQ Level 2-3 qualification training courses.


Since the fast track is quick training, which means you may not be trained in detail. These training may require minimum qualification like basic knowledge of plumbing, and you will be taught a few advanced techniques.

Also, there are many governments run part-time plumbing courses. You may only need to attend once or twice a week for a few hours. It will take time to finish the training and get qualified as a plumber but if you cannot attend the full-time training due to the personal reason going part-time is the best route to choose.

Which Plumbing Training is the best?

No matter if you join the apprenticeship or join a plumbing course it is down to you and your current circumstances. The goal is getting qualified and start a new career.

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