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Great ways to revamp your patio for Entertaining

One of the upsides to living in New South Wales is the fact that we have pretty reliable weather patterns, you can easily have an outdoor barbecue on Christmas day, just as you could on Australia Day.

For those of us with patios, we spend a considerable amount of time outdoors because it’s such a great area to relax or entertain.

Since outdoor living is such an essential part of living in Australia, we need to take full advantage of our outdoor living spaces.

Trim the Edges

The first step to revamping and improving your patio has nothing to do with the actual patio; you need to ensure that your surroundings are adequately taken care of.

Step one, clean up what you already have in and around your backyard, trim the edges around trees, mow the lawn, water your plants, introduce multiple recycle bins for proper waste disposal.

Introduce new species of plants to balance the ecology in your backyard and to beautify your lawn. Once you’ve done this, you can turn your attention to your patio and what needs to be done to make it perfect.

Introduce Outdoor Furniture

If your patio is empty, you’ll need to introduce a couple of furniture pieces to make this space a welcoming one where you and those you care about can spend quality time together.

If you already have furniture on your patio, consider giving your existing furniture pieces a fresh coat of paint; a little TLC can go a long way.

Grey is perfect for outdoor furniture as it accentuates your thriving garden and uses its neutral colour to balance your outdoor living space.

Introduce a Barbeque

The single most exciting way for you to make your outdoor living space stand out would be to install an outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens make it easier for you and those you love to make the most of your patio, veranda or backyard in general.

It also legitimises your patios’ claim of being a functional living space, unfortunately installing an outdoor kitchen is easier said than done.

Most people can’t install an outdoor kitchen due to several reasons including cost, space, safety and everything in between.

For those of us living in or around Newcastle, the Central Coast and the Hunter, a great alternative would be to invest in a barbeque to instantly improve your outdoor space.

Protection from the Sun

The fact that we live in a country blessed with an abundance of sunny days means that the temperature can get pretty high sometimes.

With that in mind, you should invest in some covering for your patio if you don’t currently have protection from the sun.

It can be anything from simple umbrellas up to extravagant designs; what’s important is that you create a cosy shaded area where you can relax and retreat while still enjoying your time outdoors.

Build Sustainable Structures

It doesn’t matter whether you’re making minor upgrades to your outdoor living spaces or you’re spending over $50,000. To take your patio to the next level of design, you need to ensure that every single update you make aligns with the Building Code of Australia and other relevant rules and regulations.

You can easily ensure that your upgrades are in line with the building code by having every modification and extension inspected by a certified building certifier.

Employ the services of industry-leading private certifiers geared towards reducing the complexity, costs and delays associated with all the aspects of building certification.

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