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11 Creative Ideas for Loft Space Design

Did you know that a loft conversion could add up to 15% to the value of your house?

The loft in a house is often one of the most underused and underappreciated locations. By applying some simple ideas for loft space usage, you can increase the dimensions of your living space.

Would you like some inspiration for your house? Why not read on to find out what others have done with their loft space?

Your Bedroom

When thinking of how to use your loft space, why not consider moving the rest of your house around. For instance, Could you make a cute bedroom in the attic and use your current bedroom for another purpose?

This is especially helpful if your family is expanding. You may not want young children to climb the stairs and sleep in the attic. Yet you can give them your current bedroom space and move upstairs.

Of course, to be able to sleep in an attic on a consistent basis you will need to ensure that it is warm. Insulation done correctly will help with this.

If you’re in need of an additional bedroom in your home and privacy isn’t a problem, this space could be the perfect solution.

En-Suite Guest Room

Even if you do not want to move into the attic, you still have the opportunity to design the bedroom of your dreams and give it to your guests.

If your place is large enough and the plumbing can be arranged, you can add an ensuite bathroom. This will make your guest independent and feeling completely at home.

Home Office

After the events of 2020, more people than ever are working at home. If you are one of these, why limit yourself to a corner in your living room? Could you make the perfect home office solution in your attic?

Start with a very simple setup: a chair, desk, and network connection. In the following months, you will know if you want to stay there long term and you can start to add furniture.

Attic offices offer peace and quiet that no other room can offer you. Why miss out?

Playroom or Games Room

If you have 1, 2, 3, or more children, likely their activities and toys dominate your front room. Why not reclaim it for yourself and give them the dream play area?

Add some storage cupboards along the wall so that the children can put away their toys and you may be able to fit in some games for grown-ups too. Why not put a pool table or table tennis table in there for when you want to have some fun too.

Sitting Area or Zen Den

If you have found yourself staring at screens a little too much during the last year, you could reserve your attic space for books, conversation, and coffee.

Place a sofa or bean bags in the right places and invite your friends over for stimulating conversation. If you have windows you can philosophize about life while looking out at the stars.

Home Gymnasium

If the flooring of your attic space is ell supported, you may be able to install simple home gymnasium equipment.

This is an especially great idea if you listen to pumping music while working out and need a space away from the family to do this. Alternatively, you may require perfect silence in order to be able to meditate or practice yoga. In either case, the private space that the attic offers is the perfect place to start.

Home Library

Do you like books? If you are the type of person who has collected books for many years but has never had the space to display them, then your attic space is the place to go.

Simple books shelving from major suppliers such as IKEA can give you the perfect display case for your library. Add some subdued lighting to the attic and you have a cheap yet comfortable reading environment.

Kid’s Study Area

Speaking of study, your kids may have made the switch to distance learning or the home classroom in the last year. Why not continue this trend of home learning by setting up a home study environment for them.

Get creative by adding blackboard paint to the wall or adding whiteboards for them to express their creativity.

Teen Hang Out Area

If you have teenage kids that are bored at home, why not encourage their social tendencies by creating an environment where they can hang out with their friends.

The design and furniture will be dependent on the tastes of the youths. However, a TV, snack rack, and even minifridge is often greatly appreciated.

Home Cinema Experience

This is probably one of the easiest and most appreciated options. If you have a large TV or are thinking of getting one, why not install it in your attic? Next, research and add some quality speakers or surround sound and, in time, lighting effects. You will find that everyone wants to come and watch Netflix at your place.

A Workshop

Finally, why not please everyone in the family by installing a generic workshop that everyone can use to tinker away at their arts and crafts?

Do you have a painter in the family? Why not set up an easel in the corner? A budding electrician? A soldering-iron and workbench in another corner. The options are endless and you can supply each with the lighting options that they need.

Creative Ideas for Loft Space Renovations and Much More

If you have a loft space that you are not using, you are missing out on a great opportunity. Whether as storage, an office, or an entirely new bedroom, there are endless ideas for loft space that you can implement right away.

If you would like to learn more about housing and lifestyle topics, then we are here to help. We gather the best and most relevant information regarding these subjects and share them with our readership each week. Why not take a look at our other blog articles to see how we can help you?

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