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3 Ways That Your Local Pest Control Can Remove Bees From Your Property

There are certain insects that are very important to us and our survival as human beings and bees are one such insect. They pollinate our crops and without them, it would be very difficult to grow our food. However, bees can become a nuisance when they decide to set up home in or around our homes. There are a number of places that they might nest like in the ground, or above the ground in the gable of our house for example. Once they decide that they want to stay, it can be a little difficult to move them on and for that we may need some help. That help comes in the form of pest control.

Your local pest controller performs bee removal in Torbay and there are a number of things that he can do to get them moved. All his efforts will be humane of course.

  1. They use a device that can only be described as looking like a vacuum cleaner. This is used to suck the bees from in and around the nest and they are then stored inside for transport to somewhere else.
  2. If the bees are nesting in the ground, then you know exactly where they are. The bees can be trapped by the use of a cover over the hole and it is best to do this at night.
  3. With the right equipment and the right protective gear, a nest with bees intact can be removed by hand and taken away to your local bee keeper. He’s happy and the bees get to live in the same hive, just somewhere else.

Bees can get agitated and sting you or your family members. If you spot a hive being built, call out your local pest control immediately.









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