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4 Easy Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

When was the last time you drove through a neighborhood and were taken back by the beauty of a home? High-quality landscaping and exterior improvements can not only make you feel more at home, but also help your property stand out.

Studies show that homeowners who invest time and effort into curb appeal experience anywhere from a 5% to 11% market value increase. Whether you’re selling your home or you just moved in, updating your outdoor living space will prove beneficial for more reasons than one. If you’re unsure of how to transform a backyard or add curb appeal, have no fear.

This article has the top easy ways for how to level up your yard today.

  1. Emphasize Color With Furniture

If you live in a place with nice weather, chances are you’ll want to spend time outdoors when relaxing or entertaining guests. To beautify your yard, add color with high-quality, practical furniture.

You may consider adding a weather-proof couch with colorful throw pillows or cushions for added comfort. Choose colors that will contrast with your outdoor greenery like pink, orange, or yellow. Or, you may enjoy switching out your furniture colors to match each season.

Another way to add color to your outdoor furniture layout is with a rug. If you have a deck or patio, colorful and bright throw rugs can breathe life into an otherwise basic space.

  1. Upgrade Your Plant Life

Not only do exotic plants look beautiful in an outdoor living space, but they can also serve as a home for beneficial insects. These insects can help ward off unwanted pests and keep your yard thriving.

One of the most popular plants to add in your yard are peonies. Peonies are easy to care for, live in various climates, and also can provide many health benefits. These bold and bright plants are sure to become a favorite aspect of your yard.

Another popular plant to add to your space is a caladium. Caladium plants are large, leafy greens that add beauty to any tropical garden. Their big, heart-shaped leaves contain a unique color combination of green, white, pink, and red.

  1. Add a Canopy

As a relaxing spot to cool down on a hot sunny day, a canopy can provide a feel of luxury to your backyard. For one of the trendiest backyard ideas of this year, adding a canopy is sure to enhance your space.

When choosing your canopy design, consider the furniture and building materials that will work best in your space. You may consider adding a fire pit, table for eating, or comfortable chairs.

Be sure to choose curtains and other draping material that is sheer, breathable, and light. This can create a shady, cool spot that protects from the sun while still allowing for a light breeze.

  1. Cool Down With Large Shade Trees

If canopies aren’t your style, you may enjoy planting large shade trees. These trees are sure to add comfort to your yard and stick around for many years.

Some of the best shade trees are oak trees, palm trees, and maple trees. By hiring a landscaping company, they can help transport and plant trees as well as keep up with your landscaping maintenance. In areas with warm climates, shade trees are a must in your yard.

Transform Your Outdoor Living Space Today

Now that you know some top features to add to your outdoor living space, what are you waiting for? Transform your yard and enhance your home’s curb appeal today.

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