5 Beginner Tips for Cleaning the Windows

Over time, grime and dirt will slowly accumulate on your windows, blocking precious sunlight and obstructing your view. Worse than that are the streaks you can leave behind when you improperly clean your windows.

Using the right technique to clean your windows will not be enough, especially if you’re just a beginner. You will also need the following beginner tips to clean your windows properly:

  • Use the Best Tools

You will never go wrong if you involve a great squeegee in your cleaning arsenal, but remember to keep it fitted using new rubber blades. These tools are affordable, and most professionals offering window cleaning services use them regularly.

When purchasing your squeegee, ensure you get some replacement rubber blades because it can pay dividends to replace them often. Apart from squeegee and rubber blades, you might also require small towels, scraper, lint-free rags, buckets, and washing up liquid.

  • Consider Scrubbing the Glass

The exterior window cleaning step encompasses scrubbing the glass and working on every angle to clean all the edges. Ensure you cover all the square inches of the glass. This method will allow you to get good results immediately.

While experts prefer moving the squeegee horizontally, it is also possible to move vertically. If you choose to go the vertical way, be sure to angle your squeegee so as to direct excess water towards uncleansed areas.

  • Avoid Woodwork

Most cleaners might cause damages to the framed wood areas of your windows. To prevent drips on the frames that may cause damages, ensure you place windowsill or small cloth to absorb drips.

In addition, avoid applying too much cleaner at once. Rather than doing that, consider spraying your windows in a small section, working from top to bottom.

  • Check the Temperature

Pick a cloudy day to clean your windows. The absence of the sun can ensure you reduce the chance of streaks. Too much heat can also cause cleaning solutions to evaporate faster than you may wipe it off, resulting in streaks.

Lack of glaring sunlight may also allow you to better clean and see through the windows. As the rule of thumb suggests, ensure you touch the window glass. If the glass window is very hot, wait for a cool day to clean your windows.

  • Change the Mop Water

A spray-and-mop unit is convenient, but a great old wet mopping session can keep hard floors clean once in a while. If you fail to change your mop water immediately, it becomes grimy, all your work will be effortless.

This will swipe and slosh the dirt you want to remove back to the floor; thus, straining your grout. Therefore, ensure you refill and dump when your water begins to change to gray.

The Bottom Line!

During spring, many homeowners usually change their focus to the most neglected tasks. Window cleaning happens to be one of these tasks.

Window cleaning is one of the important projects that you shouldn’t overlook. Like designing your windows to make life comfortable and minimize energy bills, cleaning your windows is a project that can also change your home’s whole appearance.

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