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5 Deck Trends To Watch Out For This 2019

More and more homeowners nowadays realise the importance of their outdoor space. They do not only make use of their yard as a garden or lawn but as an extension of their living area. Many people now have decks built to increase their living space, entertain guests, enhance home value and other functional purposes.


Now that 2019 is finally here, we’ve gathered some of the hottest deck trends to watch out for. Enjoy!

Deck lighting of all sorts

Deck lighting is a huge hit this year since more decks are being built, maintained and prettified. With the many options available, one can choose more than one type of lighting fixtures to add on your deck.

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Solar lights placed leading towards the deck lights up and creates the pathway. Weatherproof floor lamps made especially for outdoors add charm and ambience lighting to your deck while light strings create a fun yet romantic look. You can also add stair lights, post deck lights, and low voltage deck lightings depending on your preferences. All it takes is your imagination on how you’ll use the different lighting types and fixtures outdoors.

Stylish, comfortable and durable outdoor furniture

When it comes to furniture, make sure not to compromise comfort, quality, and style. Decks are outdoor living spaces which means ordinary furniture may not last long outdoors.

Stick to pieces explicitly made to last outdoors. A designer outdoor furniture should be made up of high-quality materials, is comfortable, is durable and weatherproof, convenience and lightweight. This way, you can redecorate and move your favourite Sydney, Designer Furniture as you please without worrying they won’t last for long.

Rooftop and Floating Decks

Some owners don’t have enough space to create a deck right in their backyard. To maximise their space, rooftop and floating decks are becoming increasingly more popular. In short, non-traditional spaces are getting a makeover.

Rooftop decks let homeowners create an extended space for recreation using the usually ignored part of a home, the roof. It gives you an excellent view that most decks cannot offer. Floating decks, on the other hand, are freestanding decks, which means there is no need to connect it to your house.

Deck Skirting

For people with elevated decks, deck skirting is an excellent way to give it a makeover. It gives you added privacy and even sun protection, thus letting you maximise enjoyment outdoors.

Deck skirting also adds aesthetic appeal on your property while allowing you to hide miscellaneous outdoor objects and out of plain sight. It also adds height to your deck. With tons of materials you can use, you have a wide variety of choices to enjoy.

Decks with water features

For people who have floating decks, many are considering incorporating water features to add beauty and style to their homes. Be it a water fountain, pool or a small pond- they make as an excellent addition provided the decks will feature materials that can withstand being around the water.

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