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5 Pieces Of Door Hardware That Can Change Your Entire Door

First impressions count, and what’s the first thing anyone sees as they enter a room? The door, of course.

It’s easy to overlook a door and dismiss it as something functional. Yet it’s your door that makes that first impression. With that in mind, one easy way to upgrade your door short of a replacement is with new door hardware.

Here are five pieces of door hardware that can change your entire door.

1. Door Handle

A quality doorknob or handle can add a touch of class to any door. The right choice can elevate the overall look of a room when used to accent a door. Door handles draw focus by their nature, so they can upgrade even a cheap door by pulling the spotlight.

Choosing the right door handles is crucial for commercial door hardware, too, as accessibility is a key concern when customers and employees of all kinds will use the door.

2. Door Knocker

A beautiful door knocker can add curb appeal to your home. This is the part of your door visitors will interact with, and it will be visible from the curbside, too. So a door knocker is one of the most prominent pieces of front door hardware that will shape how your home looks to visitors and passers-by.

Choose something minimalist to elevate your door in a subtle way or something more ornate that makes a proud statement. Either way, a door knocker can set the tone.

3. Peephole

If you’re looking for a way to add a sense of security to your home, a peephole is a great way to do it. Peepholes have the practical purpose of giving you a look at whoever’s standing on the other side, so they bring a lot of peace of mind with them.

4. Seals

Keeping with the theme of practicality, you might also consider upgrading your door’s seals. This can help regulate your home’s temperature, keep your energy bills down, and lead to a more comfortable living experience.

Seals are a key piece of sliding door hardware, in particular, as sliding doors have a larger area and can lack the natural self-sealing effect of a traditional door.

5. Door Hinges

Hinges are the workhorse part of the door, but that’s no reason to neglect them. Choose a beautiful set of hinges to add a touch of elegance to your doors, and robust hinges for doors that see a lot of traffic. A quality set of Bommer hinges can make a big difference in the look of your doors and make them easier to use at the same time.

Change Your Door with New Door Hardware

These door hardware parts can make a big difference in the overall look of your door, whether you’re looking for barn door hardware, commercial door hardware, or anything in between. Choose wisely and you can transform your door with even a small change.

Looking for more ways to elevate your home? Check back often to see what’s new.

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