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5 Plumbing Issues to Inspect in a Property

Every reasonable buyer inspects at least a few things prior to making a down payment on a property, whether it’s for sale or rent. 

However, what many often forget is to go beyond the superficial things—wall paints, countertop finishes, hardwood floors, etc.—and take an in-depth look at the things that exist underneath the surface of a home, including plumbing. 

Issues related to the fixtures, pipes, sewer lines, and drains seem to happen more than any other maintenance problems in a property. Therefore, you would want to scratch the surface to know what state the plumbing of a potential home is in. 

Below are some plumbing issues to look for during an inspection to help you get started. But if you want to get this job done fast and efficiently, contacting an expert Sydney plumber is highly recommended.

  1. Leaks 

Leaky faucets are more than just a source of irritation. They also waste away water that could push up your water bills. Often, the reason for this plumbing issue is worn-out washers that already require replacement. 

  1. Clogged or Slow Draining Sinks 

These problems are normally caused by a blockage that is restricting water flow, which could be anything from the congealed fat in the kitchen sink or hair buildup in the bathroom drains. While these are things that you can handle, you’ll also want to have it checked for potentially more serious underlying issues. 

  1. Low Water Pressure 

Is the water trickling out of the tap instead of gushing? Low water pressure is often a problem in older homes and could be resulting from leaking pipes that have corroded over time or a sediment buildup that’s blocking the water flow.

  1. Faulty Water Heater 

Does the water get cold suddenly? It may be the thermostat at fault or there may be a build-up of sediment that keeps the water from becoming properly heated. Whatever the case, however, you could benefit from a real estate plumbing inspection. 

  1. Sewer Backup 

Sewer backups are gross, inconvenient and can even be expensive to repair. If the property has sinks and toilets that drain slowly or let out a foul smell, it could indicate that the wastewater is unable to flow through the plumbing system as it should. 

When left unaddressed, it will eventually start to back up as the wastewater and everything that’s within it have nowhere to go. 

In conclusion, you will want a plumber to inspect the plumbing system of a property you’re looking to move in to. With that said, you can benefit from transacting with a real estate agent who partners with a real estate plumbing company to help you with the inspection and offer after-sale services such as emergency plumbing response. This addresses emergency plumbing issues such as the following: 

  • Burst water pipes 
  • Damaged water heater 
  • Heavy leaks 
  • Sinks without running water 
  • Overflowing sinks and toilets 

It wouldn’t be the first time for a new homeowner to fail to notice some serious plumbing issues. It is why it’s always advised to consult a plumbing professional to conduct an inspection.

As for real estate property owners, engaging a real estate plumbing service provider would mean having a team of professionals who would conduct extensive testing and offer recommendations for improvement, outlining the work that has to be done to ensure that their premises are habitable and meet acceptable standards for rental properties

It would also help detect any structural problems that could lower your quality of life and most importantly, save you from investing in a home that requires more costly repairs than what you should be paying for. 

Do you have any other plumbing issues to add to the list? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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