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5 Things You Should Not Do When Just You Have Brought New Succulents At Home

If you want to decorate your garden with succulents but do not want to go out and purchase, you can buy succulents online from reputed growers or nurseries. If you are a beginner and brought some succulents for the first time in your house and want to plant them, here are some of the things you should not do initially.

  1. Re-Potting Your Succulent Plant Too Soon

As you are buying succulents online, they are traveling long distances to your home. They should go through a recovery stage after you receive them. If you quickly remove their roots from nursery pots, it will affect already exhausted succulents and result in these plants’ death. After you bring them in your house, keep them aside for some time so that succulents recover, and then plant them in separate pots. While you are buying these plants online, you should also be provided with guidelines or manual which you must follow before planting them.

  1. Succulents Don’t Need Direct Sunlight.

As soon as these plants arrive at your home, please do not keep them directly under sunlight. Remember that your plants were in the dark for an extended period, so sudden exposure to direct sunlight will worsen the plants. If you keep these plants under direct sunlight, they might end up dying. Instead of this, you must keep succulents under shade or indirect sunlight and slowly introduce them to direct sunlight after a few weeks. This process is perfect for your succulents and will help them to grow faster.

  1. Do Not Move Succulents Too Much

Many plant lovers have a habit of moving succulents quite often, but this practice is bad. After you brought them online from Succulent Market, place them in your garden but not move them too frequently. Succulents do not need to be moved too frequently as they are already facing trouble to cope up in a new home. Besides, your home already has several indoor lights that might hamper the growth of these plants. After bringing them home, find a spot where you can keep these plants. Just let them stay there unless you see these plants are getting too much light.

  1. Fertilizing Soon After Bring Them Home

You might think to give these plants fertilizers as soon as you bring them at home, but it is a big NO! You have to provide some time for these plants to recover and adjust to the new light. Allow them to recover, at least 3-4 weeks, until they are well established. Doing these will allow new plants to grow and the rest to recover.

  1. Do Not Give Too Much of Water to Plants

Yes, some of you might like to water plants quite frequently, but it is not good. As you have order succulents online and brought them home, give them space to heal and water the plants. If you give excess water, it will accumulate inside the roots and make the plants rot.

These are some of the tips to follow while you are planting succulents at home. These plants require utmost care, and following the right techniques will help them to grow nicely. Various websites provide succulents for sale. Buy them and decorate your garden.

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