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6 Best House Plants to Decorate Your Spaces

A house is a place we all feel safe and comfortable from the rest of the world. In this mist of global pandemic and social distancing, we are now spending the greater part of our days indoors. Being confined to our safe havens, it is important that we keep these spaces as homely and healthy as possible. House plants are one such a great way to decorate your spaces. They clean the air from toxins they are also believed to have certain charms and proven to promote healthy living. Such plants include; snake plants, lucky bamboo, money plant, peace lily, and more! In this blog, we share six best house plants to decorate your spaces. Take a look.

  1. Snake plant

Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, snake plants are one of the most versatile plants you can have in or outside your home. They are known to ward snakes and recommended for people with allergies as they absorb toxins from the air. In addition to their benefits, snake plants are also ideal for home decorations. You can literally place them in any room around your home.

  1. Lucky bamboo

Bamboo plants have numerous uses in our day to day life. They are also believed to have charms that bring happiness, prosperity, and good luck. You too can enjoy the same benefits and additional fresh air and appealing home decor with the lucky bamboo plant. If you do not have time to take care of the plants on a regular basis, then the lucky bamboo is the right pick for you. are easy to grow and maintain

  1. Money plant

These are one of the most common plants you will see almost every now and then from outdoor gardens to office cubicles. The plant creates harmony between people and the environment. It is also believed that money plants have charms to attract prosperity and good luck. Bring success into your life and also that of your loved ones. So you can express your feelings and emotions by gifting your loved ones with a money plant.

  1. Peace lily

The name Peace Lily entails a plant that symbolises peace and tranquillity. These are the essential things anyone wants in their home. The plants are also recommended by NASA, from research conducted which proved that peace lily plants excel in cleaning the air around us.

  1. Golden pothos

This beautiful plant is largely found in Southeast Asia. It has gorgeous heart-shaped leaves that make it ideal for decorating internal spaces. And they also clean the air from harmful toxins and radiation. Anyone can easily grow the golden pothos as the plant is quite easy to grow and maintain.

  1. Jade plant

The Jade plant is one of the best house plants you can add to your decor. It is also believed to bring good fortune and clean the air around us as well. They also make for a perfect gift to your loved ones be it at a birthday, graduation, and more. You can also get a customised vase for your home that will blend with the rest of your decorations.

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