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6 Common Termite Control Mistakes To Avoid For Homeowners

Did you know Americans spend over two billion dollars on treating termite infestations yearly? With termites wreaking havoc on so many homes, you need to know what to do when facing a termite infestation.
You may have heard various tips on handling termites in your home. But how do you know what’s honest advice and what’s a myth?
If you’re concerned about termites damaging your home, read on for six common termite control mistakes to avoid.\

1. Treating The Infestation Yourself

With DIY projects becoming increasingly popular, many people tend to try and treat termite infestations themselves. However, ridding your home of termites is complex and involves a lot of hard work, unique materials, and specialist knowledge.

If you try to treat the infestation yourself, you may not treat the entire problem.

Thankfully, termite control services like the one here can help eradicate these pests. These professionals have termite control equipment and sprays that rid your home of termites. There are many types of termite treatments, and only a professional will know which is suitable for your home.

2. Partially Treating Termites

Because termites are living creatures, they can reproduce and spread quickly. There are multiple types of termites, and though they all eat wood, they also eat other materials like wallpaper, plastics, and fabrics.

If termites are only found in a specific area of your house, they may soon appear in other areas, too. Therefore, it’s essential to clear the infestation from all areas. When you discover a termite infestation, you want to ensure your entire home is treated.

3. Waiting or Ignoring the Issue

Many people feel that termites aren’t a huge deal or that they can wait to treat a termite infestation. This is one of the biggest termite control mistakes that people make.

Termites cause significant damage in a short time. If you notice signs of termites in your home, hire a professional immediately. This will help protect your home from damage and ensure that the infestation doesn’t get out of control.

4. Not Taking Preventative Measures

Many people do not protect their homes from termites. Termite infestation prevention is vital in keeping these pests out.

Pretreating the wood in your home during construction is a great way to prevent termite infestations in the first place. Manufacturers spray a chemical on the wood to protect it from termites.

Scheduling a yearly termite check with a trusted termite control service is another excellent way to get ahead of termites. They can assess for early signs of termite damage.

5. Storing Mulch and Wood Nearby

Mulch and wood stored near or adjacent to your home can be a recipe for disaster for termite growth.

Keeping open bags of mulch under your front porch or spare wood next to your back door can lead to a termite infestation. So, store wood and mulch securely and keep them away from your home.

6. Continuing Construction Projects

If you discover a termite infestation in your home, pause any construction until the termites are gone. All building materials, including new pieces, may also become infected.

Many think building work can continue if the termites are only found in select materials. However, continuing to work on your home when there’s an active termite infestation puts your entire home at risk.

Avoid Termite Control Mistakes

Termite control mistakes are easy to make. However, knowing the six most common termite control mistakes can protect you from making these same wrong choices in the future.

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