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7 Key Ways to Improve Your Home Lighting

Is your home dark and dreary? Does it lack atmosphere? If so, you have to find a way to incorporate more lighting.

The question is: how? How do you facilitate a home lighting project to allow for maximum functionality and atmosphere? That’s a great question and one that we’re going to answer in detail below.

Without further ado, here are 7 key ways to improve your home lighting.

1. Utilize Dimmable LED Light Bulbs

Odds are, you’re currently using incandescent light bulbs in your home. These are fine but they’re nothing special. If you want to bring your lighting to the next level, you should think about switching to dimmable LED bulbs instead.

Not only are dimmable LED bulbs brighter than other light bulbs at their highest setting but they can also be, well, dimmed. As such, they enable you to facilitate a variety of different atmospheres.

Of course, if you’re going to use dimmable light bulbs, you’re going to need something to help dim them. You could install a full dimmer system.

If you don’t feel like spending this much money, however, you could make do with self-dimming bulbs. These come with different brightness settings, the likes of which can be accessed by quickly flipping off and on your light switch.

2. Consider Color Bulbs

Not only can you find dimmable light bulbs but color light bulbs as well. These can be hugely beneficial in adding zest to a room. They can help to break up the lighting monotony, making for a more varied atmosphere overall.

There are two options when buying color light bulbs. You can buy statically colored light bulbs that possess only a single color. Alternatively, you can buy light bulbs that change color on command.

The latter option costs more but also allows for more functionality. So, if you have the money, we recommend it.

3. Employ Motion-sensing Devices

Another thing you can do to improve the lighting in and around your home is to employ motion-sensing devices. These detect when a person, animal, or object is moving in the area around a light, triggering the light to turn on in response.

You’ll most often find motion-sensing devices on outside lights, particularly on patios and porches. When used in this manner, they’re often meant to scare away potential intruders.

Note, though, that there are no limits here. If you wanted a light to turn on every time you entered your rec room, for instance, a motion-sensing device would accommodate you.

4. Make Use of String Lights

When you think of string lights, you probably think of Christmas. After all, nothing brees a Christmas tree alive quite like a wrapping line of light.

But you don’t have to limit string lights to Christmas time. You can make use of string lights all throughout the year. They’re cheap, attractive, and effective, capable of providing both functional light and atmosphere to any and all aspects of your home.

Wrap them around the trees in your yard, hang them from nails in your basement, put them through your fence, and more. You’ll be shocked at the difference they make.

You can find these lights online and in stores for less than $25. They’re available in all types of styles and colors.

5. Take Advantage of Voice Command

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could use your voice to turn lights on and off in the various rooms throughout your house? Well, with the advent of voice command and smart technology, you can.

The key is to purchase a voice command device like the Amazon Echo or the Google Home. Then, connect your light bulbs to smart plugs and sync those plugs up with your voice command device.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be good to go. Just alert your device with the designed command and tell it what you want it to do. You’ll never have to flip a light switch ever again.

6. Make Use of Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is lighting that’s tucked away into a wall or a ceiling. It’s beneficial in that it’s tough to see its source and in that it doesn’t take up any space. As such, it can be used in a variety of ways.

Recessed lighting is commonly used in ceilings. This helps to give a home a classy and modern look.

Note, however, that you can get much more creative than that with it. For instance, you could install recessed lighting into the bottom of your bathroom vanity, helping to provide your bathroom with atmosphere. Or, you could use it behind a mirror.

You could use recessed lighting in closets, therefore allowing you to see things with ease. You could even use it under beds or furniture.

If you do feel like using recessed home lights, make sure to utilize the services of a professional interior lighting company like Interior Deluxe. Installing recessed lighting isn’t easy for the DIYer. Professional help is generally required.

7. Don’t Forget Lamps

Lamps are beneficial in that they can provide focused lighting on the areas in which they exist. They don’t force you to turn on an entire lighting system. This can be helpful in situations where one portion of a room requires lighting and the other requires darkness.

For this reason, you should make sure to have ample lamps positioned throughout your home. Corner lamps, table lamps, desk lamps, etc. They’re all vital to improving the look and functionality of your home’s lighting.

Time to Start Your Lighting Project

And there they are, 7 tips for improving the lighting in your home. Now, it’s time to take these tips and run with them. Start your lighting project now and, soon enough, your home will possess the feel you’ve always dreamed of.

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