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A Guide to the Process of Replacement Windows from Sale to Completion

Some might say this article is giving away the secrets of the domestic double glazing industry, as it reveals the actual process of having uPVC replacement windows and doors installed by a leading local company. From the consumer’s perspective, it offers an insight into the inner workings of the contractor, and with that in mind, here is a guide to the process from the very beginning.

  • The Initial Enquiry – Typically, the consumer would make an online enquiry after some searching. He might, for example, search for “window replacements in Melbourne”, which would bring up a list of contractors, and after some browsing and comparing quotes, a decision would be made.

  • The Details – Ideally, the chosen replacement double glazing company would send a representative you your home, in order to ascertain the design aspects of the project. It should never be a question of wrapping up the sale, and time should be spent looking at different options, such as the opening style, which could be tilt and turn or perhaps sliding. Double glazing replacement glass is toughened and can also be tinted, so there are many things to ascertain, and with the customer’s preferences at the forefront, eventually a design, and a price, would be agreed upon.

  • Initial Survey – Shortly after the agreement, a surveyor would call and arrange a convenient time to measure the property. This takes a few hours, and involves taking very precise measurements, ensuring the replacement double glazed windows fit like a glove, and he would also confirm the opening styles, the frame colour, and the fabrication can begin.

  • Fabrication – This should take place in the company’s factory, and while some outsource the actual manufacturing, this should be avoided. At some stage, you should enquire about who does the fabrication, and if the company have their own workshop and team, you can be sure of quality. At this point, the customer would be given an installation date, which could run over to 2 or even 3 days, depending on the scope of the project. Ideally, the company would provide useful information for the customer, regarding moving furniture away from the window area, which helps the team when they arrive.

  • The Installation – The team would have a fully equipped mobile unit that not only contained the new units, but also a range of tools and materials they might need. The actual installation is quite easy, as the technicians would be very experienced, and with made to measure units, there isn’t really much that can go wrong. Attention to detail ensures that the customer is happy, and when the job is finished, you would be invited to inspect every unit, inside and out, to ensure you are entirely satisfied.

Of course, you would have a long warranty, and with quality units, there is little that can go wrong. Any broken glass they would replace (at a small cost), and should there ever be an issue, the warranty would cover the costs.


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