Add life to your carpet with regular maintenance

Getting your carpets regularly cleaned is an essential part of home maintenance chore and hence it should be done with punctuality just like the other essential works of the house. It makes a great different to the look of your home. Selecting the right carpet cleaning company in Edmonton is tough to do. You should find out if the company is insured, licensed and bonded? Does it possess the right equipment to deal with the task?

Canada Clean Home is available at your service to help. Any kind of carpet cleaning is properly done by the professionals with proper equipment, abilities, methodology to offer a high quality wall-to-wall carpet cleaning service for you. Right from deep cleaning to steam cleaning Edmonton, the company offers the best in class services to its clients.

Steam cleaning Edmonton

The deep cleaning done with steam cleaning removes all the dirt, debris and soil build up from the surface of your carpet. It also adds more years to the life of your carpet and makes it look like new. A lot of people question what is the best to get your carpets cleaned? Well the answer differs from one house to house depending on your lifestyle, number of residents in the house and whether there are pets or not. You should get your carpet steam cleaned once every year. And if you have more people or pet in the house, then get it done twice every year.

Vacuum the carpets regularly

One of the most important weekly tasks which enhance the life of your carpet is vacuuming. However, you should first learn the right way to vacuum so that there is no dirt and soil and also your carpet looks great and lasts much longer. Agree or not, vacuuming your carpet is an art and it should be done with precision. Take your time and don’t just run with vacuum from one to another. You should give vacuum some time to suck all the debris, particles and dirt. When you go for steam cleaning, then a professional carpet cleaning company will pre-vacuum your carpet before going for hot water extraction.

The carpets of the house function like an air filter and trap allergens in their fibers. And when pets or people walk over it, the allergens get released in the air and create allergies and respiratory problems. Thus, it is essential to clean your carpet and free it from allergens and improve the air quality of your house.

Carpet cleaning pre-spray

The procedure of carpet cleaning involves vacuuming the carpet. If there are stains or high traffic location inspected, then they will need more attention. Pre-spray it with detergents which will lift the dirt and stain from the carpet. After you have followed this step, you can go for steam cleaning procedure.

The technicians will scrub the areas of the carpet and over 95% of the dirt and stain get removed with steam cleaning. You shouldn’t leave a lot of moisture on the carpet or it may lead to bacterial or mould growth. There should be a drying time of 12 hours.

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