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Benches for Outdoor and Indoor Use

Benches are very practical pieces of furniture yet are often forgotten in favour of individual chairs. That is too bad really, as there is something about benches that is just, well, cozy. Benches invite to social interaction amongst people – even among complete strangers. Why else would there be benches in public parks, instead of chairs, if it wasn’t to make people socialize? With a bench you have two choices – either you accept that your sphere of privacy is temporarily broken – or you get up and walk away. It is much more common though, to see people take it for its advantages and engage in conversation with complete strangers. This is just one of the reasons benches are great.

Many homeowners would like to have a bench in their very own garden, and variations of the classic park bench with its cast iron or bronze structure and painted wooden seat are quite popular for home use. There are other designs of course, and many feel that an all wooden garden bench is a more natural choice – and looks less formal. Teak furniture is very popular for outdoor use and it is no surprise then that many go for a teak bench. The outdoor properties of this kind of wood are legendary – although they are not completely maintenance-free as some would have you believe. Some benches are good for other things than just sitting, and you could say that garden loungers are the next logical step. We can never get too comfortable it seems.

Another place where benches are popular, is the kitchen. Here, they are often stationary pieces of furniture, as this can save some space around a table. Sometimes a bench (or two) wither side of a kitchen table can make much better use of the space in your kitchen, and something local carpentry contractors can knock up for you relatively cheaply. Especially the type of kitchen bench which is bolted to the wall which can really save some space, since you can just slide on and off it, as opposed to having to pull chairs in and out from the table.

All in all, benches within the home are very underrated pieces of furniture. Sometimes they are exactly the missing part of a furnishing puzzle for your kitchen.

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