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Choosing the Ideal Wall Art for your Space

Wall art, hangings, prints, and photos are decorative items you can use in your home to create an inviting allure and enhance the general appearance of your space.

There are no defined rules when it comes to adorning a home and everybody adopts different styles depending on their preferences and financial strength.

However, following the basic guidelines provided below helps you choose ideal pieces to complement your home. There are numerous types of wall art prints varying from size, theme, color, inspiration, style, and floor plan.

Select the Ideal Wall Art Print for Your Wall

Choose pieces that make you feel happy and relaxed. Before you Buy Poster prints Online, ensure that you like them and they are pieces you’d like to see on your wall for many years. Avoid spending money on prints that do not satisfy your preferences. If your family members decide to help you or gift you with a wall hanging, communicate your needs with them to ensure they pick prints that suit the theme and style of your home.

Choose Art Prints According to Style

The art prints you choose should complement your home’s style and theme to give your home a natural and well-blended appearance. However, style is personal and preferences vary from one person to another.

While some people are comfortable using contrasting themes, others will ensure that their art prints match the theme and style of their homes. Whatever you do, ensure that you are comfortable with your choice of print. Some of the popular styles you may want to try include;

Bold colored prints, bright pieces, bohemian looks, or antique prints. Conduct extensive research and collaborate with a professional interior designer in order to get the best out of your home decoration process. The following tips can help you choose your prints according to style.

  • Pick prints that complement existing furniture in your home
  • Buy a trio, set, or even a collection of small pieces to adorn your short walls and the space above your windows.
  • Invest in a huge print made from superior quality materials that you’d love to keep for a prolonged period.
  • Pick signs with words you can easily switch accordingly
  • Incorporate different materials in your space such as metal signs and wooden art pieces.
  • Frames can help you emphasize your style and theme either through mismatching or matching pieces.

Choose Wall Art Prints According to Size

Size is an important factor to consider when it comes to wall art prints. Define your preferred size or sizes before you purchasing wall prints. While some people love large prints, others are comfortable with medium-sized and small prints.

Still, your size of choice should be determined by the size of your walls and the amount of space in your home. You can seek guidance from an experienced interior designer if you cannot decide the ideal prints for your wall. Below are general sizing rules to consider before choosing a wall print

  • Prints should not be longer than your sofa by over two thirds
  • If you purchase your prints from different artists, ensure that pieces from the same artist complement each other appropriately
  • Avoid using small pieces of print on huge spaces. Instead, place several small pieces close together
  • Prints should be placed approximately 15cms higher than your furniture’s edge
  • Ensure your print fills in the space between your ceiling and floor in terms of width and length.

Choosing Wall Art Prints According to Color

In the decorating industry, there is a huge difference when it comes to art color palettes and room color palettes. Art allows you to incorporate bold colors while you can only use bright colors for accent walls.

When it comes to choosing art prints for your wall, choose pieces with already existing colors in your house. For instance, the background color of your most important art print should match your wall color. The color wheel should help you choose complementary shades with ease.

Play around with the same color but in different shades to create a beautiful theme, and when you have difficulties choosing colors, stick with whites and blacks because they match everything and add a touch of elegance to your walls.


Ensure your prints make your home stylish and comfortable to live in. Choose pieces carefully to maintain an appealing yet unique theme.

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