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If you are thinking of making some improvements at home, you wouldn’t be alone, with many homeowners looking to spruce their property up as we approach the spring. Home improvements not only make the living space more comfortable, they also add considerable value to the property. If you are unsure about what to improve this year, here are some cost effective ways to make home a nicer place.

Secondary Glazing

If heat loss is a problem or you want to eliminate exterior noise, secondary glazing is a cost effective solution. Secondary units are fixed on the inside of your existing window frames, creating an extra glass barrier that not only reduces noise, it also sees the end of those annoying draughts once and for all. If you have spent a few hours draught proofing your windows, you will know it is a temporary solution to keeping out that cold north wind, whereas secondary glazing that is made to measure will eliminate draughts forever. The bonus happens to be a reduction in your energy bills, which we all welcome.

Texture Coating

Forget repainting the house and opt for textured coating, which effectively seals the property from the extremes of the British weather. The insulating properties will also reduce heat loss in the winter months, while keeping your home a little cooler in the summer. The coating can be applied to any substrate, and by using an established company, you will also get a solid warranty. The vast range of colours allows you to literally transform the exterior, and with some stylish window shutters and awnings, the new look is complete.

Resurface the Driveway

This is a very inexpensive way to spruce up the home, and is a favourite thing to do if you want a quick sale on the property. Asphalt is a firm favourite, while there are attractive alternatives like concrete, which now comes in a range of colours, textures and finishes. The aggregate can be varied, giving a range of surface finishes, and with the right company, you will get a professional job at a fair price. Be careful with people who approach you at home with this service, as they are usually cowboys, and because their work in sub-standard, the only way they can drum up business is by cold calling. There are many reputable companies online, and a simple search should reveal an established contractor in your area.

Landscape the Garden

Many people are very happy with the interior of their home, and if only the garden reflected that, it would be perfect. If you feel your terraced area has seen better days, and the lawn looks a little worn, call in a landscape gardener who can help you to plan something with style and elegance, and by using recycled materials, you can really keep costs down. Your patio might be enhanced with a retractable awning, or perhaps go all the way and order an outdoor kitchen, but whatever your concept for the garden, a professional landscaper can make it happen.

Home improvements are more popular than ever, with many families preferring to spend more time at home, as rising costs force us all the economise, and with the above ideas, you can make a big difference to your living environment, and it won’t cost an arm and a leg.

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