Do You Need a Skip

Whether you are renovating your property or need a skip at a construction site, you have an advantage when you use this form of waste removal. Not only does a skip make things safer, it is the ideal container to use if you want to make sure you get rid of your refuse quickly and easily.

Getting Your Questions Answered

You just need to learn more about the best skip hire services in Croydon before you decide. You probably have a number of questions about hiring a skip. Go online and review the information that is featured by skip hire companies in your area.

Some of these questions may include the following:

  • Do I require permission from the local council? You do not need to seek permission unless you place your skip on a public access road. The council charges a fee for hiring the skip and placing it on such roads. The amount that is assessed will depend on the borough in which you reside.
  • What special measures do I need to take if I have to place a skip on the road? You should make sure that the skip is lit.
  • If a skip placement needs local council permission, how long will it take to get a licence? If you do need local council approval, allow for five days’ notice during the skip hiring process. You need to allocate this time in your ordering of a skip

Checking the Size

Naturally, you can skip the above details if you can place the skip directly on your property. Nevertheless, make sure you are ordering the right size of skip. That way, you can ensure that the skip you order is hired at the best price.

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