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Do You Need To Revitalise Your Dull And Drab Wood Floor

If you have a wood floor in your home, maintenance is vital to keeping it looking pristine. That is why sanding is a critical process. When sanding is performed, it keeps a floor looking scratch-free and beautiful. Sanding also restores the hue of the floor or the colour that once made the covering stand out. You can get some excellent tips on restoring a wooden floor on the Readers Digest website.

Giving Your Floor a New Life

When hardwood flooring is well maintained, it increases the value of your home and adds a touch of elegance to your décor. Even if a floor is exceptionally durable, it still needs some tender loving care as it ages. Therefore, floor sanding in Welwyn Garden City provides the solution.

Sanding Benefits

Sanding is undoubtedly what the floor doctor ordered, as the process offers the following advantages:

  • Sanding takes care of certain damages. When floors are sanded, not only are the marks or flaws removed, loose planks or nails can be secured at the same time.
  • Floors whose original stain has faded because of age can be sanded and restained to regain their beauty.
  • A polish can be used after sanding to reinforce a floor’s original shine. Sanding is necessary to smooth the looks of the floor.
  • A sealant can be applied after sanding to preserve a floor and protect it.

Make the Most of Your Wood Floor

You cannot help it if your floor ages or it undergoes wear and tear. That is why sanding is used by homeowners today as a floor upgrade. You do not have to place a less expensive flooring solution over the wood floor. Instead, you can make the most of the wood itself.

Boost Your Floor’s Appearance

Sanding enhances the quality that is already inherent in a hardwood floor. That is why you need to seriously consider this type of upgrade if you want to give your current wood floor a boost in appearance.

Less Dusting

Besides aesthetics, a floor that has been sanded is more resistant to motion. Sanding, as noted, evens out or smooths a floor. When a floor is smoother, dust is minimised because the level surface makes it hard for dust particles to collect.

What is nice about sanding and refinishing is the fact that the process can be repeated, if necessary. Depending on a floor’s thickness, sanding and refinishing can recur as many as ten times. While traditional wooden floors can last as long as three centuries, new hardwood floors are designed to last 100 years.

Modify the Colour of Your Floor

If you want to change the looks of your current wood floor, sanding gives you the opportunity to do so. Maybe your floor was blonde before sanding. If you want to redecorate your living area, you might want to switch to grey, dark cherry, or a whitewashed look. The colours are not permanent. They can be changed if needed. Sanding permits you to remove the old stain and hue to apply a new stain and shade.

A cheaper floor installation just will not last as long as a sanded and refinished hardwood floor. Usually, the less expensive selection must be replaced twice as often. That is why sanding and refinishing is the ideal way to revitalise the looks of your floor.

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