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Do You Need to Sell Any Scrap Metal?

Did you know that copper is in shortage in some areas? Australia was home to many active copper mines in decades past but these days, copper is in short supply. The good news is that copper, the same as other metals, can easily be recycled and reused. Indeed, since we have long used copper in so many devices such as hot water boilers over the years, there is still a lot out there to be picked up and sold for recycling.

That Trash Might Be Worth Something

A deep spring clean is something that plenty of us do. During such times, we may find a few old machines and chunks of metal that could actually be worth something. Rather than throw them away, why not take them to a scrap metal merchant? For example, the scrap copper price in Perth is such that it makes more sense to sell that old hunk of metal than throw it into a rubbish skip.

Here are just some things in which you might find some old copper that is worth something:

  • AC and Heating Units: The heavy compressors in this units will usually contain tubes of copper as part of their design. Because copper is such a conductive material, it has long been used in heat exchange devices such as air conditioners.
  • Refrigerators: Likewise, the humble compressor in the refrigerator likely contains a fair bit of copper piping too. Those old bar fridges that don’t work anymore or that cheap fridge from the classifieds is probably worth more in scrap metal and copper!
  • Wiring: Copper has always been used in wiring and old wiring can easily be exchanged for quick cash at a scrap metal merchant. Whether you’re rewiring your home or have been collecting bundles of old wire from old toasters and other devices, it is worth good money.

Environmental Concerns

It’s always nice to get a little extra quick cash on the side, especially for stuff that you probably would have thrown out or given away. Of course, there’s another side to selling scrap metal: it’s eco-friendly.

Given just how much waste we produce as a species and how terrible it is for the environment, we really need to develop more methods of recycling what we have. When you sell scrap metal, you:

  • Recycle many components that would otherwise have ended up in landfills for thousands of years
  • Reuse old devices so that other people can benefit without impacting the environment

The incentive to sell scrap metal, including copper, is certainly that there is cold hard cash but recycling this way plays a much bigger part in protecting our environment and ensuring that we have more sustainable industries.

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