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Everything You Should Know About Mobile Home Skirting

Mobile home skirting, also called the mobile home underpinning, is an act of having a mobile home that people easily forget, but they are very important to consider. Skirting is the barrier made with a hard material that protects the home’s underside and keeps it protected from all types of physical and environmental threats. Mainly your manufactured mobile home needs this.

You might be thinking that what exactly is home skirting and how it effectively protects your manufactured house, and what type of skirting choices are available in the market. In this article, you will come to know about the various choices of home skirting and know about the best cold weather-skirting product available in the market.

The Major Benefits of Skirting the Mobile Homes

Most of the manufactured homes use pier and beam foundation, which means that the homes reside few feet off the ground. To adjust the gap between the home and the ground, the homeowners require doing skirting. This is done by providing the following functions-

  1. It helps the home to maintain a consistent temperature and keep the moisture away
  2. Protect the home foundation and plumbing from the harsh weather conditions
  3. Prevent animals from nesting under the home foundation
  4. Enhance the visual appeal of the home and provide a finished platform

How much home skirting does your house need?

Yes, not all the foundations require the same skirting type as each home demands something different. For the basic calculation of the home skirting solution, you need to calculate the home’s total linear footage. To find out this, you should measure the length of all the sides of the manufactured house and porch and then add them together. After this, you should measure the average distance of home from the ground. To calculate this, you have to go to each corner of the home and measure the distance from the ground to the point 2 inches above the home’s bottom. Add the numbers and divide them with the total number of corners to calculate the average.

Various types of home skirting options available-

There are various types of skirting choices available in the market, and you have to choose the right one that fits your needs and budget.

Vinyl skirting is the most popular type, affordable. It is easy to install, and it is a solid choice, but it is quite vulnerable to moisture. The vinyl skirting should be vented properly not to get damaged easily.

Apart from the vinyl skirting options, you can also choose the metal and wooden skirting that are useful. These structures are long lasting and cost-effective too. Nowadays, one of the high quality skirting material, DURASKIRT™ has come into the market and has gained much popularity among the customers due to its features and the benefits it provides. It is the best cold weather skirting material for homes. These skirting panels look great and they have a great finish. They are quite resistant to harsh weather conditions and hence they are widely used in recent residential spaces.

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