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Five interior designer tips to magnificently improve the look of your own space

Interior designing should not be limited to its practitioners and professionals, each one of us has hidden talents when it comes to decorating and improving the overall impression and the visual quality of our own space in many ways.

With that being said, you should not limit yourself from designing and decorating your house, your office, or your store with just plain design. You have to channel your creativity, your resourcefulness and you will be totally surprised by the results.

And to make that all happen, here are some very useful tips that will improve your interior designing skills according to the best retail & hospitality interior design company in Australia.

Use light colors in painting smaller rooms

A room which has the size to be cramped must have large windows and light-colored walls and also an ample use of mirrors not only to reflect the natural light but also gives an optical illusion of space which is why incorporating a lighter colored paint, putting a window and mirrors can create a larger feel of a smaller room.

Make use of mirrors to add spaces and light

Mirrors are very popular to create an illusion to create bigger space virtually in a small room as mentioned above, however, for larger rooms, or in any room regardless of the space which has a limited amount of natural light, mirrors can be placed directly across from any windows which will add natural light while decorative mirrors can be used in lieu of art in filling out empty wall spaces or add.

Try combining different patterns and textures

 Regardless if it is cheap or expensive, you can combine displaying old and new furniture pieces and decorations because nothing can go wrong with placing your family’s heirlooms beside your modern furniture pieces.

Always make a priority for comfort

No matter how good you designed your interior if it is not comfortable, it just totally defeats its purpose, so try slipping some couches, pillows, and carpets to make it feel more cozy and comfortable especially when you have kids in the house.

Do not throw away old decorations

You always have those particular items in your possession which are packed in boxes somewhere and you have not used it in a very long time. Instead of throwing it away at some point in time, make use of it and try to give it another life, who knows what might fit with your new Furniture to complete your Interior design which can help you save money instead of running to a store to buy new accessories.

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