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Get Over Paint: 3 Trendy Wall Covering Ideas for Your Living Room

Are you looking for a wall covering ideas that are interesting and detailed? You don’t have to simply paint a wall in your home, instead, you can find some amazing wall covering designs from professionals or even do it yourself.

For some wall covering ideas for living room redesigns, keep reading. In this guide, we will let you in on some awesome ideas for covering damaged walls, or perhaps just a wall that you think needs a little bit more personality. Find your ideal living room wall idea with this simple guide.

  1. Warm It up With Wood

If you thought wood was just for flooring, think again. Using wood as a wall covering can add a warm, natural, and modern element to your home. Additionally, there are tons of different ways that you can use wooden elements to elevate your wall space.

One great idea for any minimal or bohemian-styled home is to set up a wooden slat design on one living room wall. This is a great way to get the warmth and texture of wood while having a design that feels more modern than installing wooden panels. Wooden slats can upgrade this space, making it feel more expensive and luxurious without being too expensive.

The best part of this idea is that you can DIY it with a few supplies and can finish the project within a few hours.

  1. Excellent Accent Wall

Another way to add some wood to your living room without it appearing dark or overwhelming is to add one wood panel accent wall. A woodgrain wall can add the perfect amount of texture and works best in a room with plenty of natural light and light-neutral walls.

You can fake this woodgrain wall idea using wallpaper but it will look much more elevated using sheets of plywood. You can also stain the wood however you’d like to. You can stain it with a light overlay for an airy feel or you can stain the wood in a dark color for a moody atmosphere.

  1. Create a Gallery Wall

A great way to get artsy with your wall coverings is to create your very own gallery wall. Additionally, there are plenty of ways to go about doing so. A gallery wall is a wall covered with art or photos, typically with frames around them.

If you want to add photos of your family to your living room you can do so with a gallery wall that will be filled with family portraits and memories. However, you can also use this wall to hang different artwork for a gallery-like appeal. You can use matching frames or mix and match for an added level of character and fun.

For some additional wall covering ideas, head to Classic Coats Painting and Wall Covering.

Wall Covering Ideas for Living Room Updates

If you’re looking for wall covering ideas for living room renovations, look no future than this helpful guide.

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