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Guidelines for Choosing the Right Mobile Crane for Your Project

If you are managing a site in Perth, and you require a crane to lift heavy material, you must ensure you hire the right type of machinery. The type of mobile crane you’ll need will depend on the type of job you are doing, the weight you’ll be lifting, the area in which you’ll be operating, and the type of terrain your project will take place in.

Height & Reach

The first thing you must consider is the height and reach capability of your crane, it is vital that you hire a machine that can reach exactly where you need to go. Figure out your maximum height and rent a mobile crane which can easily reach that elevation, the last thing you need is a unit which falls short in reach or struggles to get to the required height.

If you are working on multiple sites throughout Western Australia, you’ll require different types of mobile cranes. You can contact reputable crane companies in Perth to find out the various kinds of machines they have on offer, once you know your site and job requirements, they’ll be able to provide you with a suitable unit.

Weight Requirements

If you plan on hiring a mobile crane, you’ll need to know how much weight you’ll be lifting. Consider the largest objects on site and find out how much they weigh. If you’ve no idea about hydraulic crane power, speak to a knowledgeable crane hire company in Perth and explain the situation. Mobile hire cranes have various load capacities, some can handle 5 tonnes, others can shift a lot more. If you’re hiring a mobile crane, you must remember that if the hydraulic legs are extended, the total weight capacity is reduced, you can’t lift as much as you would with retracted legs.


It is important to analyse your terrain, the ground on your site will vary from place to place, so it is imperative that you assess the area before hiring a unit. Stationary cranes are very limited when it comes to assembling them on uneven surfaces, it takes a skilled construction technician to successfully erect one on irregular ground. In contrast, most mobile cranes are all terrain vehicles, they are suited for all types of surfaces including:

  • Rock
  • Gravel
  • Dirt
  • Sand
  • Grass

Operational Personnel

You must ensure that the staff you have operating your mobile crane are fully qualified to do so, you’ll be dealing with some heavy objects and there will be plenty of tradesman around the site when carrying out lifts. If the person you nominate to control the mobile crane doesn’t have enough experience to handle the job, you could have a major incident on your hands.

If it is your first time controlling a construction site and you don’t have an extensive knowledge of mobile cranes, you should do some research and find out about these incredibly useful machines. It is also advisable to consult with colleagues and other more experienced members of your team before you hire a mobile lifting crane.

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