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Home Décor Trends- Why You Need A Jute Carpet?

Jute also sometimes referred to as hessian is a vegetable fibre, which is coarse in texture. The jute strands are widely used to create burlap fabric- It is like a coarse canvas, which is woven from different varieties of natural fibres and is used in dressmaking, room furnishings and interior decoration pieces.

Beautiful texture

Hand-woven Jute rugs provide stylish and earthy texture to your homes. A combination rug constituting sisal and jute creates a smooth braid thus beautifully complementing your wooden furniture and matching upholstery.

Constructed with the trademark chunky knit weave, a jute floor covering presents a beautiful base for a smaller sized, vibrant rug. Thanks to the earthy tones and raw texture, there is simply no end to the creativity that you can unleash while placing jute carpets in different room settings.


Although Jute fibres are distinctively coarse, they can only withstand a decent amount of footfall. So, in case you are planning of placing them in the living room or a busy hallway, you might have to reconsider your decision. On the contrary, in relatively low traffic zones like your bedroom, study or a conference hall, a jute carpet can easily serve you for years without showing any visible signs of wear or tear.

Also, since they are naturally brown, dust particles hardly show up, hence, the maintenance is also not much of an issue- Twice a week vacuuming is usually more than enough to take care of the cleaning needs.


Since jute is a natural fibre, which is widely grown, it is replaceable and its production doesn’t harm the environment in any way. Also, Jute rugs are sustainable and hence, they are a far better alternative than the synthetic machine-made rugs.

Jute is also 100% biodegradable, which means that you do not have to worry about its disposal. Once it serves its lifetime, jute decomposes back to the soil rather than creating serious waste accumulation issues like its synthetic counterparts.

The jute is usually hand-woven, hence, it doesn’t require the industrial units and fuel consuming machines for its production. Synthetic rugs and carpets, on the other hand, are designed with the help of automatic machines, which run on different energy sources- This not only releases harmful gases into our environment but also adversely affects our already dwindling natural resources.

Hence, if you want to save the environment and make a positive impact, it always pays to side with natural alternatives as much as possible.

Supports Multiple Home Décors

Jute rugs are truly versatile and hence, they can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of settings to pull off a stylish look with ease. If you are trying to create a bohemian feel, then the earthy carefree aesthetics of the jute can fit perfectly well into the scheme of your things.

Contemporary or traditional, whatever may be your pick- a beautifully crafted Floorspace jute rug can breathe a fresh lease of life into your room while imparting the perfect finishing touch to the whole settings.

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