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How to Avoid Some Common Plumbing Scams

Like in any industry you’ll find contractors who aren’t above board, they advertise themselves as professional plumbers when they are nothing more than unqualified handymen. If a plumbing deal sounds too good to be truth, it usually is. Plumbing scams are more common than most of us would imagine and year after year homeowners fall victim to cowboy contractors. You can still find a cheap plumber in Medway who isn’t going to rip you off, you just have to be careful when looking. Here are some great ways to find a reputable plumber for domestic or commercial work.

  • Do some research on the company you are about to choose
  • Ask for referrals
  • Speak to family and friends for recommendations
  • Ask the right questions & request proof to substantiate claims
  • Make sure they have a physical location

If you follow the points mentioned above, you should easily spot a professional from a scam artist. Have a look at some of these plumbing scams, so you are familiar with their tactics.

Substandard Parts

Your plumbing is an important part of your household and most of us don’t mind paying money when we get high-quality material. After the plumber has finished, check to see if they’ve installed the best material on the market.

Additional Labour

Make sure your plumber isn’t subcontracting and charging you more for their services.

Higher Rates

Just because you live in a nice home and drive an expensive car doesn’t mean you should pay higher rates. Avoid scams by acquiring more than one quote for the job.

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