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How to choose the right mattress?

It’s a big decision, but you only have a few short months to get it right if you’re considering replacing your mattress. Most consumers purchase a new mattress every 10-15 years, but in 2017 nearly 50% of new mattresses were purchased between 6-9 months after purchase. 

However, if you’ve waited this long, now is the time to choose the best mattress for your sleeping situation. If you’re looking for a bed to last the distance, make sure you start your search in the right place. Make sure you have accurate measurements, so you can choose the right size mattress that won’t go mouldy, shrink or fall out of shape. Find the right mattress on Amazon, ShopCash has a huge list of offers and discount codes for Amazon.ae.

Mattresses in popular ranges vary in height and depth. Many mattresses only allow a small difference in height, so it can take a few tries to find the perfect pillow-top mattress to match your sleeping position. When it comes to depth, the biggest factor is the size of your head. In the UK we’re told to go for a medium-sized mattress, as a too-short or too-long mattress can cause back and neck pain. However, if you sleep on your side or have trouble sleeping on your back, you need a deep mattress. If you have restless leg syndrome or have had an injury to your neck, it’s essential you find a mattress that allows you to sleep on both sides without causing discomfort.

Additionally, you’ll want to choose a mattress that’s comfortable in both hot and cold temperatures. Some mattresses are packed with memory foam to keep you comfortable in cool weather, while others are designed to be hot. It’s very easy to overheat while you sleep, so you need to make sure the mattress is highly insulated from both heat and cold to help maintain a comfortable temperature.

Determine if you need a pocket spring

You’ll want to ensure you choose a mattress with a pocket spring. This is a spring-based support system designed to keep your mattress firm. Pocket springs are placed under the mattress and are used to stabilize the mattress by supplying a spring force.

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