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How to Get Rid of Spiders in Your Residential Property?

You would obviously not want pests or insects like spiders to take over your beautiful residential property completely. If a homeowner stays away from taking proper measures timely, spiders can infest his or her home in no time. In the United States, many people have a phobia of spiders, known as arachnophobia. These terrifying eight-legged pests can wreak havoc in a home and make life stressful for residents.

Routinely following quite a few effective steps can help control creepy spiders in your house if you have lately noticed their presence. However, to keep the risk of spider infestation at bay, the best thing you can do is hire an experienced exterminator from a reputable Rove Pest Control company. Pest control experts know the right way to detect every possible location of spiders in a home quickly. They use eco-friendly insecticides to eliminate spiders and other pests effectively.

Common Types of Spiders that Infest a House

Experts say typical house spiders attack or bite occupants only when any of them provoke or threaten their colonies. You or a family member may experience minor pain for 2-3 days if any of the below-mentioned spiders bite.

Cellar Spider: In comparison to the male, the female cellar spider is bigger. Aside from having an extensive gray-colored patch in their backs’ middle portion, the bodies of long-legged cellar spiders are light brown.

Jumping Spider: Compared to a male jumping spider, the legs of a female are longer. It’s easier to identify these spiders as their abdomen and cephalothorax are black hairy and also consist of a white patch that’s triangular. These spiders have metallic bluish-greenish color hairy legs.

Wolf Spider: Female wolf spiders are larger than males. One can easily detect these creepy spiders because of their body color, which is a combination of black, brown and gray. Pest control experts take no time to understand whether this particular species has infested a home as wolf spiders have prominent, large and shiny pairs of eyes.

Orb Weaver: The body color of this specific type of house spider varies significantly – black to white. Some of these spiders also boast a body containing different shades of red. The pattern of orb weavers’ cephalothorax and legs is similar to an arrow.

Simple Things to Do to Control Spiders 

  • Conduct a thorough inspection of your house at frequent intervals to discover spider webs. Ensure you check the piping in your home’s basement, floor joists, ductwork, etc.
  • Professional exterminators instruct homeowners to shift light furniture and boxes around often as spiders prefer hiding wherever they find clutter. Use an old broom to get rid of spider webs right after identifying them inside your residence and garage.
  • Make sure that you keep all doors and windows properly sealed to restrict pests from entering your house and prevent spiders from feeding on them.


You won’t have to experience an infestation of spiders in your home if you do what’s said above in a diligent manner routinely. However, to control trouble-causing spiders in your residential property, the right decision you can make is to contact a renowned and trusted pest control company near you.

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