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How to Select the Right Duvet Covers for Different Seasons?

A duvet cover keeps your duvet clean and protected. With the change in the season, you would only need to change the duvet cover and not the entire duvet. This provides comfort to the user. There are a few tips that will assist you to select the right duvet cover fabric that keeps your bed cozy and stylish during every season.


This season is characterized with the melting of snow, and blooming of the plants and flowers. Duvet made up of a light fabric will be perfect to offer style and elegance to your bedding. The most suitable fabric for a duvet in the spring season is percale.

Percale fabric feels cool and imparts a crisp touch to your room. It does not make the room overheated especially on warmer nights. Duvet made using Percale fabric is very easy to clean and can easily last for several years without any issue.

You can go for a duvet cover that comes with light shades. Pastels, beige and shades of cream will be ideal to give a warm touch to the room and enjoy this season.


Summer season is characterized by warmer nights. So, to beat the heat and add coolness to your room, you need a fabric that is not just light but also ensures proper air circulation. Egyptian cotton is one of the appropriate choices in duvet cover for this season.

It is made to be very airy and light in weight fabric that is very much moisture wicking and breathable. This ensures that you will stay peaceful and cool throughout the night. Another good fabric that you can consider for this season would be cotton. Not just it is light, but also very easy to wash. It dries quickly and does not get wrinkles in it.

Colors also hold a specific importance when it comes to the selection of duvet for the summertime. It is advised to go for aqua shades, white, cream color with flowery or geometrical prints.

Lighter colors also have the property to make the room look spacious and open. This is one more way to add a cool touch to your room. Polyester perfectly blended with cotton material is also the best choice for the summers because it is soft, needs simple washing as well as does not wrinkle.


This season denotes intermittent chilly nights. You would need a duvet cover that provides adequate warmth to beat the coldness. The best option available for duvet covers for this season is Microfiber.

Duvet made from this fabric provides a smoother and softer feel to the user. They are wonderful to bring down the heat below the covers. Microfiber material is machine washable that makes it a lot easy to clean.

Also, you do not need to follow any special instructions when it comes to maintaining this fabric. Go for earthy colors such as beige, dark green, brown, or burgundy that will help in creating a seasonal appearance that is ideal for the fall season.


A lavish and cozy flannel cover for your duvet gives the much-needed warmth to space during cold weather season. The soft and fuzzy construction of flannel duvet cover forms tiny air pockets that offer effective insulation to a place.

It thus makes it the best choice of fabric to promote comfortable bedding. You can select between floral, solid colors, classic plaid, many various other designs to match to your existing winter decoration.


As it can be seen that it comes in a variety of different fabrics and colors to suit the demands of every season. A better understanding of the variations in duvet covers would help you make the right selection of duvet cover for all seasons.

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