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Is Swimming The Best Exercise You Can Do

We’re all searching for the holy grail: an all-round exercise routine that is good for your mind, body and soul. You’ve tried running, but it’s just a bit too boring. You’ve tried exercise classes, but you feel self-conscious in front of other people. You’ve even attempted Crossfit, but it’s just too much like hard work! Finding a sport that is both enjoyable and good for your health can seem impossible for some of us. However, the answer could be simple. Swimming is an activity that many of us do for leisure anyway, and some of us even own our own pools, so why not make it part of your exercise routine?

Health Benefits

Swimming is great for cardio workouts. Unlike running, it is low impact so the stress on your joints and muscles is far less, making it a great sport for all ages and body shapes. Studies have also shown that swimming can help increase your lung capacity, which not only makes for healthy lungs but can also mean your body is more effective at fighting illness. Try alternating between hard and fast laps and slower laps to get your heartbeat pumping. Swimming is an all-rounder sport which exercises every part of your body at once, making it the perfect sport for those of us seeking a cure all.

Where to Swim

Whilst in summertime, swimming in a lake, river or even the sea are great options, unless you’re pretty hard-core they are not so accessible in winter. This causes some of us to view swimming as reserved for the summer months only, but don’t let it put you off making this your exercise routine year-round. A properly heated pool is just as comfortable to swim in during the cooler months as it is in summer. If you’re lucky enough to have your own pool, you may not have considered getting it heated due to the expense, but you might be surprised at how cheap it can really be. With technology constantly evolving, swimming pool heat pump prices are lower than they’ve ever been. By installing a heater, you can make your pool usable throughout the year, rather than just a few months over the warmer season, making it a much better investment. For those of us who have to go to the gym to swim, make sure you ask them about their pool heating provisions before signing up.

Calm Your Mind

The calming effects of water should not be underestimated. Floating weightlessly in the water releases your body of tension and relives stress. Many people find a long swim to be the perfect opportunity for some reflection and even meditation. The repetitive motions and laps allow your mind to switch off from the physical and concentrate on itself. Being surrounded by water is a peaceful experience and washes away the stresses of daily life.

Swimming really is good for you in every aspect, both mentally and physically. With the many health benefits of hitting the pool, why not dig out that swim suit and get in the water today?

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