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Protect Your Elderly Loved Ones by Choosing an Ideal Toilet Frame for Support

Toilet frame is one of the popular disability aids used in bathrooms for people with mobility and stability issues. Elderly or senior users with weaker joints or muscles or those that experience difficulty in maintaining their mobility without assistance might find it difficult to stand or sit down on the toilet seat. 

Frames fixed around the toilet can allow users to transfer their body weight on the frame instead and use it as support thus significantly bringing down the risk of falls. There is also less strain on the users’ hips, back and knees. Installing frames offers the following benefits.

  • Extra support and stability
  • Makes the user feel more secure when sitting on the toilet seat
  • Allows a person to lower gently on the toilet seat 
  • Those who have undergone hip or knee operation find it helpful

Factors to consider when choosing a frame

  • The build material

The robustness of the frame is an important factor to be considered. It ensures the frame can stand the test of time. A good build material shouldn’t feel wobbly. Aluminium and steel are popular choices. Also, good non-slip handles and feet are a must.

  • Weight-bearing capacity

They are generally made of metal and come with different weight-bearing capacity. Ensure beforehand if the frame can handle a considerable amount of pressure from the user. If not the purpose of the frame is lost. The weight of the person and their level of disability influence your choice of frame considerably.

  • Height adjustability

Many of the toileting frames come with height adjustment features. This allows the user to adjust the height of the fame based on their need. 

  • Slip-resistant

The point of frames is to provide extra stability and prevent falls. The user needs to feel safe when holding on to the frames. It should be slip-resistant, sturdy and convenient to hold. 

Bathrooms are generally the most common of places where accidents and slips happen to everyone let alone those with mobility issues or the elderly who may not be stable and steady on their own. A hard fall can turn fatal for any user of the bathroom so this as a risk, quadruples for people with mobility issues. Hence, bathroom safety should be paramount especially for the latter.

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