Telltale Signs that Your Home Needs Repainting

You wish that painting the house is a one-time thing but it is far from the truth. You must know that your house needs repainting every now and then. Essentially, repainting goes beyond aesthetic beauty – it protects the house from water and sun damage. It can also prevent the development of mold and mildew. 

More importantly, repainting can help keep the value of your house in case you are planning on selling it in the future. Knowing the benefits of repainting, when do you know if it is time to get experiences & professional painters?

Here are the telltale signs that your home needs repainting:

Flaking or chipping

Flaking or chipping is caused by exposure to moisture, heat, and water. This could mean that the surfaces have been damaged and waiting too long to repaint will definitely increase the risk of exposing the structure of your home to the elements. Keep in mind that repainting your entire home every few years is actually less expensive when compared to fixing structural damage. 

Fading color

Fading or loss of color is normal especially if your home is constantly exposed to sunlight. However, if fading happens inside the house, it could mean moisture is starting to build up under the paint possibly because of a water leak. 

If you notice your exterior and interior paints start to deteriorate, it is the perfect time to call experiences & professional painters. When picking the right shade, remember that bold or darker shades can fade quickly when compared to lighter colors. 

Appearance of bubbles

If you see water-filled bubbles under the paint during rainy seasons, this indicates a leak. If ignored, this can rot the wood in the walls or can cause the molds to start developing. As soon as you see the bubbles in your paint, it is usually a good idea to repaint it. While you are at it, you should look for any leaks so it will not happen again in the future. 

Mold and water stains

Water stains, mold, and mildew are unsightly. If you see one of these, it could indicate a much larger issue and even a potential health hazard. Before repainting, it is crucial that you first identify and address the underlying causes of water stains, mold and mildew.

When treating mold and mildew, you should use the right chemicals. If you paint the mold and mildew without treatment, it will only make the problem worse. Fortunately, there are many anti-mold products you can consider. 

Every five years

You must know that each coating system has some sort of predefined life span. High-quality paints could last between 7-10 years while less expensive products will not exceed 6 years. If you want to prevent a future problem, it is safe to repaint every five years. 

Moving forward

You can repaint your home on your own but if you are looking for quality craftsmanship, you should consider professionals at the onset. The professionals are licensed as well as insured. They will identify the signs of deterioration and fix it with premium products. At the very least, you should get some quote and compare the prices so you can come up to a decision. 

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