The Right Way to Clean Window Blinds

Window blinds are both practical and functional. However, they are difficult to clean. This is the case because window blinds are made of many smaller pieces that attract dust and dirt. Keep in mind that dusty blinds do not open and close easily. What’s worse, without proper cleaning, they will wear out more quickly.

With this, blind cleaning should be considered. So, what’s the right way to clean window blinds? You should consider the following:

Secure cleaning tools

To succeed in your cleaning endeavors, you have to secure the right cleaning tools at the onset. When it comes to cleaning window blinds, you should secure a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment, sponge, dish soap, water, microfiber towel, and shoe polish.

Ways to clean blinds

There are different ways to clean blinds – you just need to identify the method you’re comfortable with.

  • Vacuum:Whether your blinds are made of plastic, metal, or wood, you need to vacuum it weekly. This can be doneeffectively with the use of a brush attachment. You can consider other attachments, but it will not be as effective, and you are running the risk of denting or scratching your blinds. For the best outcome, you should close the slats to reach more surface area as you vacuum.
  • Spot clean:You can also consider spot cleaning. This is done if there are finger marks and dirt buildup after vacuuming. For spot cleaning, you need a damp sponge to wipe small dirty sections of the blinds. You should avoid water spotting by slowly wiping it dry with a clean microfiber cloth.
  • Wash:If you want deep cleaning, you have to wash the blinds. You should first remove the blinds then dip them in water with a few drops of mild dish soap. However, you should not submerge wooden blinds in water. When done, you should towel-dry each slat from front to back. This is to avoid streaking. Do not worry because this cleaning only needs to be performed at least once a year. You can do more, but in most cases, regular vacuuming and spot cleaning will do the trick.
  • Touch up: If you have blinds with white cording, dinginess may present an issue. If washing does not help, it is important that you at least try to touch it up. The best thing to do is to touch up white areas with white shoe polish. This can temporarily cover up most of the cord’s dinginess.


Here are a few things you need to remember when cleaning blinds:

  • Wet cleaning: For wet cleaning, water can do the trick, but if you want something with little more power, you need to put a few drops of mild dish soap. You can also clean with vinegar. Using vinegar is ideal because you’re not using any harsh chemicals. Basically, vinegar is safe for most surfaces, including wood, metal, and plastic.
  • Dry cleaning: When dry cleaning, avoid using any sprays of cleaners. The best tools are vacuum cleaners (with brush attachment) and a microfiber towel.
  • Consult manual: In the manual, you will see special care instructions. This is helpful if you have some doubts about cleaning blinds.
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