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Things You Need to Examine Before Renting a Self-Storage Unit

You need to rent a self-storage unit, have shortlisted few facilities and you are trying to finalize one. Before you make up your mind, make sure to visit the facility and examine it carefully. Walk around the facility and make precise observations. This will give you awareness of how well the facility is maintained and what are the extra services they are providing.

Here is a list of things to observe before you make a final decision about renting a storage unit;

How well the Facility is managed:

Walk around the entire facility and observe the following carefully:

  • Is the facility clean enough?
  • Are the outside grounds well-maintained?
  • Are there large bushes of overgrown plants at the building side? This is a little risky if you are accessing your outdoor storage unit late at nights as this can provide a perfect hiding spot for intruders or burglars.
  • Is the facility free from pests?
  • Is the reception area clean?
  • Are there enough lights on both inside and outside?
  • Is the security fence intact? Walk around the boundary perimeter to check the fence and make sure.

Examine the Storage Unit you Plan on Renting:

It is very important to thoroughly examine the unit you plan on renting as that is what you are paying the facility for;

  • Are the dimensions of the room enough to store your belongings?
  • Is the room damage free?
  • Is the room clean?
  • Is it properly ventilated?
  • Is it weatherproof?
  • Is the elevator working?

If Add-on Services are Available:

If you are renting a storage unit for keeping vehicles, boat, RVs, etc, you might need to take it out of the storage on a regular basis for washing and maintenance purpose which might become inconvenient. Find out if the company has the facilities for washing, servicing and oiling the parts.

Observe the Security System:

Now, security is one of the main reasons you have decided to store away your belongings so do not lack in inspecting the security system carefully;

  • Are CCTV cameras installed in the entire facility evenly?
  • Do the cameras cover all corridors and doors?
  • Is a camera facing your storage unit door?
  • How alert is the security?
  • Did the security question you when you entered the storage facility? If not, the security is inefficient.
  • Are door alarms working?
  • Does the facility have high fencing?
  • How efficient is the entry door locks of the main building?

Courteous Staff:

Observe if the staff is courteous. Make a note of the following points:

  • Did the staff greet you when you entered?
  • Did the staff make arrangements to show you the storage facility?
  • Did they answer all your queries satisfactorily?
  • Do you feel comfortable around them?

Final Thoughts:

If you are satisfied with all the above observations, then go ahead and check the rentals of the units. Different self-storage units may have different rentals, services and terms and conditions. Find out if the company has an online presence and compare all the rates. You can get many discounts on their online websites. Make sure the facility has an online payment option as it is easier; also it has become quite common payment method nowadays. Storage units Queens provides an online direct rate comparison of the available units with size specifications and it also gives you an online payment option.

Specify the storage unit you want and don’t forget to mention the duration and extra services you will require before you rent the self-storage unit.

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