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Tips for Buying Solid Fuel

Buying the right type of solid fuel is important, especially if you live in remote areas that don’t have access to mains gas. These tips will help you purchase quality solid fuel.

Types of Solid Fuel

There are two types of categories when it comes to solid fuel – mineral and biomass. Here is a list of the main biomass fuels on the market.

  • Coal
  • Natural smokeless fuel
  • Manufactured smokeless fuel
  • Manufactured non-smokeless fuel
  • Wood

Wood is the most common type of solid fuel, it is available in a range of forms including logs, pellets and chips.


There are many home appliances that can use solid fuel as an energy source, an open fire is the simplest form, but it isn’t very efficient. Wood burning stoves are popular throughout homes in the UK because they burn solid fuel efficiently. Solid fuel can also be used in other complex systems they are used to provide heating and hot water for an entire house.

Purchasing Solid Fuel

When you go to buy solid fuel, you should only purchase products in Swadlincote from coal fuel distributors who are part of the Approved Coal Merchants Scheme. These solid fuel merchants have years of experience in the industry and are committed to providing their clients with high-quality logs, coal, kindling and more. If you are unsure about what fuel to purchase, they’ll be able to give knowledgeable recommendations and professional advice.

If you are fitting a wood or coal burning appliance in your home, you should source your fuel from a recognised solid fuel supplier.

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