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Top Tips for Choosing Interlocking Stones Laying Pattern in Toronto

There is more to a home than just its interior décor. The outdoor also has a saying and some of the features that often stand out are the driveway, the footpath, the balcony, and the patio. These outdoor features need to be inviting for you to enjoy spending time there. If you are looking for materials that will serve the purpose, nothing comes closer to interlocking stones. They come in amazing designs and all you have to do to create an inspiring outdoor space is to choose the right laying pattern.

Top Interlocking Stones Laying Patterns You Should Know About

Though there is a wide selection of interlocking stones laying patterns that you can go for, here are the top choices:

  • Circular Pattern: From the name, this idea requires you to lay interlocking stones in a circular manner. There are usually interspaces left that you need to fill with sand.
  • Random Course: This is a conservative but timeless pattern. You are required to arrange interlocking stones of varying sizes and colors at no particular order.
  • Basket Weaves: This is an old English style that involves laying interlocking stones in a way similar to weaving a basket. The stones create a pattern that’s eye-catching.
  • Stretcher/running bond: This pattern requires you to lay interlocking stones of the same size with the edges of the stones aligning perfectly next to each other. It’s perfect for the walkway.

Top Tips for Choosing the Right Pattern

To help you make a great choice pertaining to the right interlocking stones laying pattern, here are the top 4 tips to use:

Know Your Project Size

Different patterns are suited for different projects. For example, if it’s a small project like making a walkway, then going for the running bond patterns is a great idea. However, if it’s a large scale project like making a driveway or a patio, then a random course or a basket weave pattern is ideal.

Look at Your Internal Floor

For starters, what’s the color of the floor of your house? You need to pick interlocking stones in Toronto that match it. Since the stones come in multi colors, you won’t have a hard time finding your color. In addition, look at the organization of your floor tiles. You should come up with something similar if you can.

Factor in Customization Options

Are you interested in including unique features when laying the stone? Answering this will help you arrive at the right pattern. For instance, if you want to lay the stones around a decorative feature, then the circular pattern is recommended. If you have no special preferences, then you can settle for anything.

Consider Your Existing Outdoor Features

Lastly, you need to consider how features like the swimming pool, parking lot and the garden will be affected. For example, a stretcher bond pattern may look great when leading to the garden or to the swimming pool but a circular pattern will look amazing when connecting the parking lot.

In general, it’s the pattern that you choose for the interlocking stones in Toronto that dictate the style of your outdoor space. It’s, therefore, necessary to get the choice right if you are looking to create an amazing outdoor.

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