Unclogging a Drain – What You Need to Know

The drain pipes in a conventional plumbing system are designed to carry all of the wastewater from your house and connects with the municipal sewage lines running through the street. The pipes play an important role in expelling all of the wastewater from your house without causing a mess. These pipes are slightly bigger in diameter as compared to the other pipes in your plumbing system. They usually run through the walls and under the floors, all the way into the garden and the street. However, problems with the drain pipes are quite common, and range in severity. Some common issues include:

  • Solid items getting stuck in the pipes
  • Leakage due to corrosion
  • Tree roots cutting through the drains

If there’s an issue with the drain pipes, you need to call a company that offers certified drain services in East London. You have to make sure that you do your research and find a suitable company with experience in this field so that they can fix the issue for you. Here are a few tips for unclogging the drain pipes.

Identifying the Blockage

When you first contact a company for unclogging the pipes, they will send over a team to check and identify the exact point of blockage. They will use a micro camera and then figure out exactly where the blockage lies.

Replacing the Pipes

If the pipes are leaking or are damaged beyond repair, they will need to be removed and replaced. This is a considerably expensive process and takes time as well.