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Universal Solution For Bonding And Sealing – Things To Consider

A good state of conservation of the structures and environments of a building, both internal and external, is not only given by the use of quality supports and materials but also involves the equally important choice of adhesives and sealants suitable for what needs to be glued and insulated.

Ultra seal is universal and single-component. Therefore, it is suitable for bonding and sealing many types of substrates and surfaces, as well as practical and quick to apply.

It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, for doors and windows, frames, thresholds, windows, panels, skirting boards, cladding, beads, prefabricated elements, shockproof structures, and sheet metal works.

Polyurethane and with a high modulus of elasticity Block paving sealant, is the result of the latest generation i-Cure® technology, which guarantees the absence of solvents, a low VOC content and which makes the product odourless and free from shrinkage.

Ultra seal has modified bitumen with special polymers, excellent as a sealant for cracks in asphalt and concrete pavements. It is formulated to be a durable, waterproof, and flexible solution to damage on asphalt and concrete pavements, once laid, it creates impenetrable protection that significantly extends the useful life of the roadway Block paving sealant.

Using Ultra seal is quick and easy considering that the road can be reopened to traffic quickly and that on the motorway, it can be applied using moving construction site signs.

To be applied hot, after careful cleaning and heating of the area subject to the intervention, it combines fundamental characteristics of total impermeability, excellent adhesion to existing surfaces, and an extraordinary degree of elasticity to thermal expansion.

The formulation provides for the presence of aggregates which guarantee a reasonable degree of slip resistance.


  • Application fields

Asphalt and concrete paving, then roads and motorways, toll roads, service areas, cycle paths, parking lots, airport tracks Block paving sealant.

  • Could you benefit us?

Quick and straightforward to apply, it stops the deterioration of the flooring by eliminating infiltrations and favouring thermal expansion; high slip resistance value. It is applicable throughout the year.

  • Instructions for use

Heat to a temperature of 180 ± 10 ° C and mix in individual boilers with agitators until the material is homogeneously mixed.

Make sure the temperatures are under control and avoid exceeding 200 ° C, the maximum safe temperature.

Following careful cleaning and consequent heating of the damaged area pour the bituminous mastic, taking care to pour the material one centimetre

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