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What Every Homeowner Needs to Know About Plumbing Maintenance

Plumbers cost an average of $150 to $200 per hour — and that’s just for labor.

If you’re a new homeowner, you might not know much about how your pipes and appliances actually work. As long as everything is working as it should, it’s easy to ignore your plumbing. But, ignoring regular maintenance can lead to bigger and more costly repairs down the road.

Keep reading to discover the plumbing maintenance tips every homeowner should know.

Be Careful About What You Flush

One of the top plumbing tips is to be careful about what you flush down your toilet.

The only thing you should really be flushing down your toilet — besides human waste — is toilet paper. Even though some wet wipes claim they’re flushable, they don’t decompose as easily and can lead to a buildup in your pipes. In addition, avoid flushing tissues, feminine products, hair, and medications.

While you’re at it, you should also be careful about what you put down any drain, especially in your kitchen. Avoid letting grease, flour, coffee grounds, and eggshells enter your pipes.

Fix Leaks While They’re Small

When it comes to home plumbing skills, you’re not expected to be able to fix every issue that arises. But, if you’re able to fix a small leak, it can prevent more serious plumbing issues down the road.

If you have a small leak in a sink, start by turning off the water and take the decorative handles off the faucet. Then, remove the stem and replace it with new hardware if it appears damaged. Make sure to also replace the washer at the bottom of the stem as this is often the culprit of the leak.

When you’re done fixing the leak, feel free to add plumbers tape to any plumping joints and fittings to prevent leaks in the future.

Have Your Plumbers Info Handy

At some point, you’ll encounter plumbing problems that you can’t handle on your own. Don’t be afraid to call a plumber at the first sign of a serious issue.

Not sure how to choose a plumber? Start by asking your friends and family for their recommendations. If they don’t have any, do a Google search to find local plumbers in your area.

Then, enter a few names into popular review sites to see which ones are highly rated. Many reputable plumbers, like those at Ben Franklin Plumbing, have customer reviews available on their website. Once you find a plumber, call to make sure they are accepting new clients.

Don’t Ignore These Plumbing Maintenance Tasks

After reading this article, you’re more informed about the regular plumbing maintenance tasks every homeowner should know.

Start by being vigilant about what products can and can’t get flushed down the toilet. Always attempt to fix a small leak as soon as you notice it before it turns into a bigger problem. And have the contact information for a reliable plumber on hand in case you notice anything odd with your home’s plumbing.

Wondering what other home maintenance tips you should know for the rest of your home? Be sure to browse the rest of this site for similar tips and tricks.

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