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What is the Best Mattress for Your Kids?

Purchasing a mattress for your child may not be as easy as you think. Kids have various habits of sleeping and you must ensure they are as relaxed as possible. When determining the right mattress for your children, there are various factors that you must consider. Sleep is a vital element for kids since it affects their health, growth, and development. So, when selecting a mattress, make sure it is the right and supportive one. Here are various factors to help you determine the best mattress for your kids.

Mattress Density

When determining the best mattress for kids, pick the ones with high density. Check how firm the mattress is to determine its density. You don’t want to take a new mattress home, only for it to sag and break down a few weeks later. Your kids will spend a lot of time in bed. Therefore, the finest mattress has high density to ensure it doesn’t sag and lasts longer.

Size of Bed

The size of the bed will also determine which mattress you go for. If you have a single bed, consider going for a single bed mattress. Some of the main sizes are crib, small single, twin single, twin large, and queen size. Hence, pick a mattress based on the size of the bed.


Material is another significant aspect when picking the best mattress. Ideally, mattresses are made from different resources, some sturdy, others expensive and others for cosiness. Some of the common materials are:

 Memory Foam. This is a popular type. It is elastic and aids in maintaining a cool temperature at night. However, it is not perfect for babies and toddlers since they respond to pressure providing the “hug” aspect.

Innerspring. Innerspring mattresses are the perfect choice, especially for parents who have destructive kids. They are durable and affordable. You can choose between pocketed and open coil depending on your budget. 

Latex Mattresses. These mattresses offer the support you need for your kids. They are durable and perfect for babies.

Foam Mattresses. The mattresses are an upgrade of memory mattresses. However, they are a bit costly and offers sufficient support. They are less durable compared to memory mattresses, thus not perfect for kids sharing the same bed.

Washable and Waterproof

Kids can make the mattress dirt within a short time. Also, mattresses have a tendency of accumulating dust mites and this can be a problem for kids, especially those with allergies. So, when determining the right mattress, ensure you get a washable one. A great mattress should also be waterproof. Babies may poop, pee, throw up or spill liquids on the mattress. So, make sure it is waterproof or has waterproof pads. 

Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic Material

There is nothing you want more than maintaining the safety of your kids. Therefore, look for an eco-friendly mattress. Eco-friendly mattresses are made from harmless chemicals like phthalates. When picking a mattress for your child, look for an eco-friendly property.

In Conclusion

Selecting your kids’ mattress can be easy with the right information. The points below are a guide to purchasing the perfect mattress for kids. When making your choice, consider properties like durability, sustainability, odor control, breathability, and toxicity. Your children’s safety is important. So, take time to consider these factors and choose the mattress that will contribute to the child’s growth and development. Children’s sleeping habits change and so should be the mattress they sleep on.

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