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When To Know If It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

Windows are an integral part of any home. Not only do they keep things out, but they also keep the temperature of the home consistent and provide safety for homeowners. Replacement windows can be costly, but if windows are showing signs that they need to be replaced these signs should not be ignored. Here are many ways a homeowner can tell if windows in the home need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Outside Noise

If excessive noise can be heard from outside, this is a good sign the windows in a home need to be replaced. Ability to hear excessive outside noise often means that either window are or was not sealed properly when installed or the insulation in the windows is old and is no longer providing enough acoustic insulation from the outside world.


Drafts from doors and windows can cause massive fluctuations in temperatures in the home. Cold drafts in the winter can make the house drop in temperature. The opening where the draft enters the home also allows heat to enter during the summer months causing the house to heat up. This makes the home’s HVAC system work more than it needs to in order to maintain a consistent temperature and can lead to increased electric costs.

Damaged Framing

If a home has damaged window frames, this is a sign the windows need replacement. Window frames with water damage are an indication that windows were not sealed properly when installed or the seal has failed over time. Soft frames are often a sign of water damage also and can lead to rotting wood and mold. Cracked frames or glass won’t allow a window to seal properly either and also weaken the integrity of the window.

Difficult Operation

Windows should be easy to open and close. If a window becomes difficult to operate, this is a sign the window requires replacement. Home windows often develop difficult operation when they were installed incorrectly. Windows that will not open or close properly often lead to problems locking them as well, which leads to home safety concerns.


If window treatments, carpeting or furniture in the home have begun to show signs of color fading, this is also a sign windows need to be replaced. Most modern windows provide UV protection from the sun. Fading indicates that this protection is no longer working and, therefore, requires replacement.


Modern windows are made out of multiple panes of glass. If condensation is observed, or the formation of frost is observed, this is often an indication that the window’s seal has failed. When the seal fails this allows water to enter in between the panes of glass and can cause mold and other unsightly damage.


If the window feels hot to the touch in the summer months or freezing cold to the touch in the winter, this means the window’s insulation is no longer working properly. If the insulation fails, it allows more cold and/or hot air into the home again causing the HVAC system in the home to work overtime.

If the windows in the home are experiencing one or all of these issues, replacement is necessary. Replacing the windows can reduce monthly energy costs, save furniture from fading and provide a safe and regulated environment for the homeowner. Although costly, window replacement is a necessity and should be considered immediately no matter what the cost. Make sure to hire a reputable window company, such as Energy One, whose licensed professionals will ensure windows are installed properly and will last a lifetime.

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