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Why Are Custom Designer Fireplaces Trending?

History of Fireplaces

Fireplaces, a place that has been cherished as a family gathering spot where the entire family shares their laughs, good times, and bad times, is characterized as a cozy spot. It is often used for heating and cooking. In medieval times, the castles used to be equipped with chimneys to carry away smoke, made of stone, and moved to bricks. Until the 20th century, significant changes were made with pre-fabricated double-walled steel lined up with the hollow walls to act as air passages. As we enter the 21st century, modern houses demanded custom designer fireplaces that suited their homes and brought out the best spaces.

Types of fireplaces

For centuries, the thought of fireplaces only providing warmed up cold days and nights has run around. Now modern houses have incorporated fireplaces not only for visual interest but also a technological wonder. The custom designer fireplaces can be designed according to the space designed, like a wood-burning fireplace for a traditional or bohemian style of architecture and gas burning fireplace for the modern and contemporary style of architecture. 2 of the most common types of fireplace systems designed re:

Wood burning fireplaces

The essence of wood adds the aesthetics, warmth, beauty, and a pinch of nostalgia in the décor and the fireplace. It houses the firebox and chimney in the fireplace. It does result in a huge amount of energy loss and leaves the place dirty, but it looks beautiful with the only requirement of wood

Gas burning fireplaces

They provide a cleaner and more efficient fireplace compared to a wood fireplace. They can be controlled with a start and stop button and contains an everlasting fuel supply.

Evolution of custom designer fireplaces

With the advancement of technology and style in interiors, designers have developed modern and innovative styles to include the fireplaces in the spaces, like

Wall fires & hole in the wall fires

These have decorative fires and provide warmth while keeping its beautiful design and aesthetics intact. They can be teamed up with TVs and transformed into unique luxurious fireplaces

Hanging fireplaces & suspended fireplaces

The fireplaces area highly custom made. They create a good focal feature, long suspended glass for maximum transparency, and high aesthetics.

Outdoor fireplaces

Summer evenings, accompanied by heat, adds to the unique ambiance. These mainly suit individual needs and situations.

Double-sided fireplace

These act as visual barriers to divide the space into parts concentrating on the light and visual flow in the space. Usually, space above is left open to feel the warmth.

Bespoke fireplaces

These are created over a long stretch, custom made to the spaces, to view it from a distance.

High-efficiency gas fires

These give the best combination of high heat and maximum efficiency with the most cutting-edge design. These are closed behind clear glass, and all the heat stays in the room.

In conclusion, fireplaces will always stand beautiful and add aesthetics to space while providing light and warmth. Though custom designer fireplaces are expensive, they add more beauty to space as they are specifically made for that room and will forever be in trend.

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