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Your Simple Buying Guide for Throw Pillow

Imagine, having a beautiful room with colorful throw pillows on it, is a fantastic thing, right? Putting a new life in your room can make your day less stressful because of the ambiance. There are indeed fabrics and colors which can pull out a different feeling, but it doesn’t mean that you need to fill every space of your room with a throw pillow. With thousands of throw pillows to choose from, it can make your buying process a complicated task.

So, to help with your problem, this article has gathered every tip and the necessary information to make your buying experience smooth and hassle-free.

The Print and the Color

When it comes to picking the appropriate throw pillows for your room, here are the following guidelines that will help you to get things done.

  • Mix Prints: If you plan to mix and match some prints, the perfect way to make sure that it will complement the overall appearance of the room is to stick by the standard color palette. So, even if the hues of the pillows don’t match, it should complete the color scheme of your room
  • Pay Attention: Another thing in mixing prints is to vary the scale in both room and among the throw pillows. So, if the living room has curtains with larger print, and a carpet with smaller print, pick a throw pillow with a print that will complement those two in between
  • Pull Colors: This strategy can be applied in the most decorative style that you may bring into a room. Pick the colors based on your furniture or textiles in your room to create a space together
  • Solids or Neutrals: In a bunch of print and color, an occasional one solid-colored or neutral-hued pillow can give your eye an area to rest.

The Price Range

Throw pillows can cost you from $20 up to $200 depending on the size, fills, and fabrics. So, what makes the difference between the cheap and expensive ones?

  • The Fill Quality: Down-filled pillows cost twice the polyester
  • Designer Fabric: If you plan to pick a pillow fabric made by a luxury designer, then expect that the price for those type is a bit high and can cost you more than $100 per pillow
  • Embellishments: Other design details such as tassels, piping, and beadwork can also make a pillow to become expensive
  • The Textile Quality: This kind of throw pillow is made from precious textiles such as leather or silk, which can make the price go higher than you may expect.

If you’re looking for a least-expensive cushion covers, or throw pillows visit Fine Little Day website for more information.

Essential Buying Tips

Always look for a tightly sewn pillows that don’t give-in when tugged or hugged. Check also if the fabrics are thick and if it is won’t quickly get tear or snag. Do not choose a lumpy or sparse pillow fill which is the most common problem in polyester-filled pillows. Moreover, check for the new down-filled pillows if it has protruding feathers because losing even a small amount of fill can cause a problem in the future.

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