3 Additional Services That Your Local Roofing Contractors Can Provide In The UK.

We don’t get the best of weather here in the United Kingdom and it takes its toll on our homes. We are constantly having to paint them to protect against the elements and UV rays and maintenance is an ongoing issue costing time and money to fix. One of the areas, however, that we tend to overlook is the roof and because it is up there out of sight, we assume that everything is OK. All homeowners need to have their roofs checked at least once a year if not more, so that you can catch the small things before they become expensive problems.

There are expert roofers in Oxford who can get up there on your roof and check that everything is how it should be. They offer a number of services to keep your roof in great shape.

  1. Soffits, facias and guttering all need to be checked on a regular basis. Screws and brackets rust due to the wet climate and they may come loose or break altogether.
  2. Roof tiles and slates always need to be checked to make sure that they are in place and that they are not damaged. If this is the case, then they will be replaced.
  3. The chimney and chimney pots get damaged from flying branches and other debris flying around in high winds. Your roofer will make sure that essential repairs are made.

If you haven’t had your roof checked in a number of years, now is the time to get that attended to. Your local roofing company is more than happy to check it for you.