Fire Safety Checklist: What Every Restaurant Owner Must Know

No kitchen in the world is free of heat and fire. Kitchens are known to be a high-risk area for fire and accidents because of the several stove tops being used simultaneously and the number of kitchen staff running around to complete orders. As a restaurant owner, it falls on your shoulders to ensure the kitchen, as well as the entire restaurant, meets the fire safety code.

If it has been a while since you’ve done a fire safety check inside your restaurant’s kitchen, here’s a quick checklist of the essentials for maximized safety:

1 – Regular Cleaning Of Solid Fuel Appliances

Solid fuel equipment are cooking appliances that rely on firewood and charcoal. These appliances pose a great risk for fire because of the buildup of a flammable residue called creosote which can deposit within the kitchen’s exhaust system. Regular inspections and cleaning ensure the residue build-up does not reach hazardous levels.

2 – Use Non-Combustible Filters For Grease

Kitchens, grease, and fire go hand in hand, but when the stove or other kitchen appliances are caked with grease it is a recipe for disaster. Equip all of the exhaust hoods of the kitchen with grease filters that are easy to remove and clean. Wipe all surfaces regularly to lessen the buildup of grease within the cooking area.

3 – Invest In commercial fire suppression systems

In the event of a fire in the kitchen, your best defense are the commercial fire suppression systems. The system automatically engages in the event of a fire to help minimize the spread of fire and to prevent extensive damage of expensive kitchen and restaurant equipment. This quick acting system will also save lives as it will extinguish the fire as soon as it starts allowing everyone to evacuate from the building without putting themselves in harm’s way to put out the fire.

4 – Check All Fire Safety Equipment

All restaurant owners must keep all of their fire safety equipment updated to ensure they work when they are needed the most. All too often unused fire extinguishers expire and go unreplaced only to fail when a fire occurs. The same goes with an outdated sprinkler system that has run dry because it has been years since it was last inspected. Double check that all fire safety tools are still working to ensure the safety of everyone inside the building.

5 – Clear All Fire Exits

One box that is blocking the fire exit and preventing it from opening fully can mean the difference between life and death. Always do a walkthrough of your restaurant and check every fire exit to see if there any blockages that can get in the way. If there are any, remove them and remind your staff to keep the exits clear from and obstruction at all times.

Safety in the restaurant industry is a must. Make sure to invest in the right fire suppression systems and train your staff to be cautious with fire and other combustible equipment to avoid accidents, injuries, and property damage.

Good and reliable commercial fire suppression systems can save lives and properties. Contact us today at Westminster Fire to learn more about your options.

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