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3D printing of sewing machine parts

The sewing process in both industrial and domestic conditions will become more comfortable and economical if it’s automated. For this goal the 3D parts are created. They designed not only to facilitate the work with materials, but to accelerate the work significantly. In addition, in the case of sewing machines breakdowns, some of their parts must be completely replaced. Buying original parts sometimes can be very expensive or time-consuming. 3D technologies have greatly simplified the process of searching and manufacturing new details.

How does the 3D printing process take place?

The 3D manufacturing technology makes it possible to create layer by layer the parts of any shape, size and complexity. First, designers and technologists create a product model, choose the necessary material based on the parameters of flexibility and density. The object formation occurs due to layer-by-layer deposition of molten plastic or plastic with the metal additions on the working template.

Products can have different sizes and shapes, monochrome and multi-colored, flexible and solid, transparent, matte or glossy. Modern technology allows you to print products with an accuracy of 300 microns! In addition, the details may also include various additional effects: backlight, sounds.

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Where to buy 3D parts in Britain?

In Britain, there are many companies that are engaged in 3D printing of parts for sewing machines. In this section, we will tell you where it is best to make them.

The list of companies will help you to make the layout of necessary details and print them on a 3D printer:

  1. 3DPRINTUK, London
  2. Quick3D, Westhoughton
  3. Paragon Rapid Technologies, Darlington
  4. Emvioeng, Bristol

Before printing, consult with a technician what parts need to be replaced.

In what sewing machines can be used the 3D details?

Absolutely all sewing machines types, that are presented on the store Konsew, support 3D parts. These manufacturers include: «JUKI», «SHUNFA», «GOLDEN», «WHEEL», «JACK», «SIPUBA», «TYPICAL», «GEMSY», «Janome», «Singer» and many others. Make an online application and consult with us right now! We will definitely help you.

Konsew is your partner who have never let you down!

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